How to Make a Wood Bead Garland the Easy Way

Follow this tutorial to make your own diy wood bead garland! It’s so easy and it looks amazing with the tassel on the end. It really adds charm to every room in your home.

Making a DIY wooden beaded tassel by stringing your own beads is a wonderful stress-free project that can take you away from even the most overwhelming of days.

Depending on how you style them, you can use wooden beads with any decor theme. They fit naturally among modern farmhouse decor and also look fantastic with rustic or even nautical themes.

Keep reading – I’ll share an easy tutorial that will walk you through every step. If you are a visual learner, I have a video too!

Then, I’ll even share some different ways you can customize your diy home decor with wooden beads.

wooden beaded tassel diy

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How To Make A Wood Bead Garland


 This is a great tutorial to have on hand when you’re ready to make a wood bead garland for your own home decor. There are tons of ideas along with step-by-step instructions and even a video tutorial with easy instructions to follow!

How To Use a Wooden Bead Garland As Farmhouse Decor

The uses for this wood beaded garland are endless. Here are some of my favorite ideas.

  • Layer a garland on a vase to display on a mantel
  • Lay it across stacks of books on a tray
  • String it like a garland across your mantel
  • Hang them from the ceiling

Your creativity is truly your only limit.

wood bead garland draped over a farmhouse tray


Supplies for this tutorial can be found here in my Amazon shop

  • 20-30 mm unfinished or raw wooden beads
  • Crochet beads in the desired color
  • Hemp string for stringing
  • Jute twine for tassel
  • Large needle (optional)

So many asked where to get the colored, crochet beads for this project, so here are a few of my favorites below:


What Size Wooden Beads are Used for Garlands?

While the most popular size for wood bead garlands is made with 25mm size wood beads, really any size bead would make a pretty garland. In fact, most recently, wood bead garlands with beads in varying sizes has become quite popular! This is your craft and your imagination is the only limit!

What Kind of String Do You Use for a Wood Bead Garland?

I always recommend hemp string for stringing the wood beads. It is thinner than regular jute twine so it can easily navigate through the holes of the wood beads.

It comes in tons of pretty colors even though you typically won’t see it underneath the beads.

The tassels are typically made with heavier jute twine or baker’s twine.

Wood Bead Garland With Tassels Step by Step Tutorial

Here’s how to make your own wooden beads decor idea! Be creative and have fun with it.

step 1.

Count out your desired number of beads based on the length you want your garland to be when completed. I used about 33 beads for this one.  Decide what color pattern you’d like to create for your garland and count out your colored beads at this point as well.

step 2.

Using your hemp string (and a large needle if preferred), thread your needle.

threading a large needle with hemp twine

step 3.

Thread all of your beads one by one in your desired pattern until finished. This is such a fun craft!

threading a wooden bead

I especially loved using these crocheted wooden beads as they really gave a lot of interest and fun to the garland. Think of all of the holidays you can do in different colored wood beads?

threading crocheted wood bead

Once you get the beads onto your garland at the length you desire; it’s time to make the tassels.

step 4.

Take your jute twine and begin wrapping it around your fingers in a circular fashion or use any circle-shaped object until the desired thickness for your tassel is reached. I wrapped mine about 13 times.

wrapping twine around circle

step 5.

Thread your hemp string inside the middle of your jute loop and tie a knot to attach it to your beads.

tying off end of twine

step 6.

Take your jute and tie a small piece around the top portion of your tassel and then tie off in a knot.

tying tassel at the top

step 7.

Snip the bottom loop portions of your tassel and trim them as needed. Repeat for the second tassel.

snipping twine for bottom of tassel

step 8.

Optionally, you can choose to add an embellishment around the head of the tassel. Just hot glue it around the knot that you made.

Ribbon is always a pretty choice, but I went with rhinestone bling ribbon from Dollar Tree.

hot gluing rhinestone ribbon around tassel top

WATCH Video Tutorial


Different Materials To Use For The Tassel

This is where creativity shines, so have fun with this. Try out different fabrics for your diy tassels. You can use almost anything!

I used jute because I love how it works with wooden beads and the farmhouse feel it gives to my decor.

Other materials you can use for homemade tassels include:

  • Embroidery thread
  • Yarn
  • Ribbon
  • Fringe trims
  • Suede or leather
  • More wood beads

More Creative Ideas To Try Out With Wooden Beads

I had so much fun with this idea that I made a few different versions. It’s amazing how much different it looks when you use different colors of wood beads and a different fabric for the tassel.

Buffalo Check Beads Idea

This is another variation on the wooden bead tassel but with buffalo check beads and black and white bakers twine! Very farmhouse style I think and so much fun.

buffalo check beads with bakers twine tassel

See how just a few color changes totally alter the aesthetic? You can make the wood beads match your holiday decor this way.

Here is the wooden bead garland with gray crocheted wood beads and a gray baker’s twine tassel!

gray crochet wood bead tassel

How about this version with white crocheted wooden beads and a pretty lace ribbon tassel with lace ribbon from the Dollar Tree?

lace ribbon tassel on wood bead garland

How To Use Wooden Beads Garland On Books

Here is another version of the tassel displayed on one of my favorite coffee table books, Home Body by Joanna Gaines followed by a picture of it displayed on a hanging shelf.

Joanna Gaines Home Body

If you’d like to see that fun DIY dresser project, you can view the entire step-by-step project HERE.


Bling Ribbon Idea

This was a fun version of the wooden bead garland by adding a bling ribbon to the top of the tassels for extra fancy flair! When you are in the craft shop, let your imagination fly, and use your favorite fabrics and decorations on your tassels.

Farmhouse DIY Wooden Beaded Tassels

wood bead tassel with bling

These fun, farmhouse DIY wooden beaded tassels are one of the newest trending pieces in home decor—they can be purchased literally everywhere! Here are just a few I found online!

But it’s more fun, relaxing, and gratifying to make them yourself, and then it can be customized, which is my favorite part!

More Crafts With Wooden Beads

Can you tell how much I enjoy crafts that use wooden beads? Especially farmhouse-styled beaded decor. Here are some more crafts and ideas you can do with them.

DIY Wood Bead Garland

This DIY wood bead garland adds a touch of warmth and texture to your farmhouse style decor. Learn how to easily make your own!
Keyword: diy decor, farmhouse style, garland



  • Decide what length you'd like your garland to be, then count out as many beads as you need to fill that length.
  • Using a hemp string and a needle thread your beads onto the string. You can create patterns but alternating the wood beads and crochet beads if you'd like.
  • Create a tassel by using the jute twine and wrapping it around your fingers until the thickness you want for a tassel is created. Thread another piece of string inside the loop and tie a knot to attach it to your beads.
  • Repeat for the other side as needed.


Hear About My New Crafts First

If you like to create DIY projects and crafts like these to use in your own home decor, you need to get on my list! I can’t wait to get to know you better!


How to Make a Wood Bead Garland the Easy Way


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