Drop Cloth No Sew Decor (How to Print Photos on Fabric)

Using drop cloth in my DIY home decor projects is my new favorite thing! Let me show you how to make some beautiful drop cloth no sew decor that you can use throughout your home for any season. The best part is drop cloth is inexpensive and is so versatile to work with. Come check out the easy DIY tutorial, and see how to use it in your home. 

no sew drop cloth pillow

Did you see my easy drop cloth messy bow I shared? Well, now I’m following it up with beautiful drop cloth no sew decor. I had plenty of drop cloth left and wanted to create some pretty fall decor. So, this was the perfect opportunity.

You can use this same exact technique to create any home decor, not just seasonal. Just choose your favorite design have a little fun creating. It is inexpensive and can be used for so many different craft and home decorating ideas.

What is drop cloth fabric?

Drop cloth canvas fabric is 100% cotton; therefore it can shrink when washed. See washing instructions here. It is made from a tightly woven cotton fabric. Drop cloth material is durable and can stand up to repeated washing and abuse. It is a great fabric to use in various DIY projects!

You can also see a pretty drop cloth cotton batting flower banner HERE and several more messy bows below.

Take a look at several other DIY messy bows I’ve shared:

Now, let’s get to the quick tutorial so you can create your own pretty drop cloth decor! 

SUPPLIES needed for Drop Cloth No Sew Decor

All the supplies needed can be found HERE in my Amazon Shop!

  • Drop Cloth
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Thumb Tacks
  • 8.5″ x 11″ Sticker Paper
  • Burlap Canvas (optional)
  • Small throw pillow (optional)
  • Inkjet Printer

drop cloth for no sew projects

How to make Drop Cloth No Sew Decor 

Start by sticking a piece of sticker paper down on the drop cloth. I chose to start in a corner to allow for minimal waste of material. Cut the drop cloth using the 8.5″ x 11″ sticker paper for a pattern. I made sure to trim off the hemmed edges of the drop cloth for this project.

cutting out sticker paper for drop cloth decor

Peel the backing off of one sheet of the sticker paper and place it onto the drop cloth section.

sticker paper peeling back

Using the sticker paper as a pattern, trim the four edges of your design.

trimming drop coth

Choose your favorite design online and feed your sheet of drop cloth into your inkjet printer, drop cloth side up.

Print out your designs.  Here are my FREE DESIGNS including the two used in this project.

printing on drop cloth using inkjet printer

QUICK TIP: Be sure to allow the ink to thoroughly dry before handling; approximately 1 hour. Test by softly swiping across a small section of the printed area to see if it is dry. Ask me how I know this.  LOL
stamped drop cloth
Cut out your design into the shape you desire for your particular project. I went with these half sheet sizes in a rectangular shape; however, this technique could easily be used to make an oval, square or circular shaped design.
Now it’s time to remove the sticker paper backing from the design in order to reveal your new drop cloth artwork!
drop cloth decor fraying edges
For an added rustic, farmhouse flair simply fray the edges of the drop cloth design by pulling out the loose strings along the sides. It makes a fun little mess of strings just like the drop cloth messy bow does!
fraying edges of drop cloth

add the PRINTED drop cloth to your decor 

Now, secure the printed and frayed drop cloth to your favorite home decor using brass colored thumb tacks. I’m sharing a couple of different ways to use the printed drop cloth, but there are really endless possibilities. I’ll share some other ideas at the end of this post.

thumb tacks for drop cloth decor


Simply use the thumb tacks to add a pretty hello fall design to a pillow. You can pick up pre-made pillow covers for cheap at craft stores, or online. So this makes it a super simple no sew pillow project.  

Doesn’t this pillow look so pretty? Plus, you can easily remove the thumb tacks and replace the drop cloth with an updated design once fall is over. I already have a Christmas design planned! 

This one is sitting on my entry table right beneath my fall tree and I love it!

drop cloth decor pillow


In addition to the pillow, I printed a fun Apple Pies and Autumn Skies design and secured it to a pre-made burlap canvas sign. Again, I used the same brass thumb tacks to secure the drop cloth to the frame.

drop cloth sign

Simply replace it with a holiday design after Thanksgiving.

DECORATE WITH YOUR Drop Cloth No Sew Decor

Here is the pretty drop cloth messy bow that I recently shared with the pillow. If you wanted, you could also pin the messy bow to the corner of the pillow for a little extra texture. So fun!

drop cloth pillow and bow

Here are just a few ways you can decorate with your drop cloth decor:

  • Attach it to a small piece of wood and add it to the center of a wreath.
  • Secure it to a vase or mason jar. You can cut a small opening on each end of the printed drop cloth and run ribbon through it. 
  • Make a hanging banner for your mantle with a several pieces of drop cloth and ribbon, or twine. 

Don’t you love these ideas? How would you use the drop cloth decor? Let me know if you make your own by leaving a comment below.  

step by step video tutorial

If you want to see the exact step by step process, be sure to check out this video tutorial below over on my YouTube Channel!       

drop cloth YouTube thumbnail image


drop cloth no sew decor PIN

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Drop Cloth No Sew Decor

Use inexpensive drop cloth to make pretty no sew decor for your home.
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  • scissors


  • Drop Cloth
  • Thumb Tacks
  • Sticker Paper
  • Inkjet Printer
  • Craft Cutting Mat


  • Cut a square of drop cloth using the sticker paper as a guide.
  • Print your design on the drop cloth.
  • Cut out your design and remove sticker paper.
  • Use thumb tacks to secure it to a pillow, or wall sign.


  1. Daniele Sherrill says:

    Wouldn’t the tacks be a safety issue in the pillow? Choking hazard for little ones and pets and sticking you if sat on or next to pillow since tacks are only pushed into the pillow?

    1. southerncrush says:

      Not at all. This is decor only. It is a purely decorative super small pillow used only for display up on my entry table as mentioned on the YouTube video…

    2. Janice Meisner says:

      When one has littles in their home, they have to use caution, but those who are past that stage in life are able to loosen those precautions a bit! Hold tight, unfortunately those days with littles pass much too quickly! Just hang on to these wonderful decorating ideas until it won’t be dangerous to you family!

  2. Christine Bielawa says:


    1. southerncrush says:

      Why thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it!

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