Messy Bow Burlap Pillow Wrap

How to Upcycle a Pillow with Easy Messy Bow Wrap

This upcycle DIY project is so simple! Enjoy getting new life from your pillows, season after season using this easy messy bow tutorial. This messy bow was made for embellishing a burlap wrap to use interchangeably on any canvas pillow. This is one of the easiest upcycle projects you will ever find! If you’ve never made one of my signature messy bows, be sure to see how in the video here.

Messy bow burlap wrap supplies

supplies for messy bow burlap wrap

Easy to follow steps to make a messy bow wrap

Here’s the complete tutorial. Follow each step and you’ll have your own unique messy bow pillow wrap!

  1. Grab an old pillow and remove the insert or purchase a new pillow insert of whatever size you like.
  2. Take the canvas pillow cover and position your stencil in the position of your choice.
  3. Apply the fabric ink and let dry.
  4. Cut approx 1/4-1/2″ strips of your favorite material or ribbon. This does not have to be exact. Don’t forget your burlap!
  5. Layer your strips in all directions.
  6. Ziptie the bundle together.
  7. Shake the bow holding the floral wire as a handle.
  8. Stuff your pillow insert back into the canvas cover.
  9. Wrap a piece of burlap around the middle of the pillow and secure with fabric hot glue.
  10. Take additional ziptie and secure the messy bow to the burlap strip.
  11. Add bling to the messy bow if desired.

Watch this fun video to see how I made this interchangeable wrap for any pillow indoors or out.

viola!  Super cute messy bow wrap for a pillow

Messy Bow Pillow Wrap DIY

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You may enjoy making a variation like this “lemon” messy bow

melanie's lemon messy bow

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Variation on the messy bow pillow wrap

I recently tried out a fun and easy variation on this project during the Spring Craftathon™ by using a few different items.

messy bow pillow wrap diy supplies

Using a “doggie” bandana (the one my dog brought home from the groomer’s was so cute and colorful I couldn’t resist keeping it for a project like this one) as the “wrap” material and tying it in a knot on the back of a small pillow. This made the DIY wrap the perfect temporary fix for decor that can be changed out for any season. I love that!

messy bow pillow wrap diy back of wrap on the pillow

For the center of the messy bow, I added a flower from Dollar Tree and of course my signature “bling” to the center of the flower to set it off!  I just love the final result! How about you?

messy bow pillow wrap diy close up of flower

messy bow pillow wrap diy final

messy bow pillow wrap diy styled in chair

>>>Leave your thoughts below in the comments please… BTW— Life is short—Enjoy the mess! I hope you try this quick and easy diy project out for yourself, it can make any old pillows look beautiful! **P.S. Please join us over on our Facebook Page to see more fun projects “Live”.


  1. Constance Lambright says:

    I love the messy bow and I am getting a little bit better. Practice makes perfection lol. Thanks for show us how to make the bow and pillow.

  2. Constance Lambright says:

    I got my printables and can’t wait to do something with them.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your fun, easy, super cool and creative, DIY idea’s with us! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE your buffalo plaid tree skirt made with a drop cloth. Who would’ve thought a drop cloth could look so beautifully chic? I’m definitely subscribing so thanks again for inspiring!!! Merry Christmas!!!

    1. southerncrush says:

      Wow! Thank you for the kind words! I appreciate you!

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