DIY Angel Ornament (using Drop Cloth or Burlap)

Get ready for cuteness overload with this DIY angel ornament made with an inexpensive drop cloth material. You can make several to add to a Christmas tree or attach them to a gift for an extra sweet touch. If you don’t have drop cloth, make them from burlap. Either way, this is a great craft project!

angel ornament on tree

As soon as Halloween is over, I get just giddy with excitement for Christmas! That means I will have lots of fun holiday crafts to share with you. I’ve already started sharing drop cloth projects including a drop cloth Christmas tree skirt that is one of my favorite projects I’ve ever made. It will look just lovely under your tree, plus it’s no-sew. 

Here are some other drop cloth projects I’ve made:

I’m working off of the same drop cloth package for this DIY angel ornament. You may also notice I used the same buffalo check ribbon shown in the tree skirt. If you are also a fan of buffalo check, be sure to join my fun buffalo check Facebook group. It’s free and there are so many ideas shared inside. Check it out here. 

Now, let’s get to this quick and easy drop cloth angel ornament tutorial. 

SUPPLIES needed for a DIY angel ornament

All the supplies needed can be found HERE in my Amazon Shop!

supplies for angel ornaments

How to Make a DIY angel ornament 

step 1.

Start by cutting a square of drop cloth fabric using the fabric scissors. You can make larger or smaller size ornaments depending on the size of fabric you cut. I started with an 8″ by 12″ inch swatch and then folded it in half to cut my two pieces.

cutting drop cloth for angel ornament

step 2.

To get the appearance of an angel, start folding the fabric in an accordion-style fashion from the outside of both pieces of the cut drop cloth towards the middle. Use a zip tie to secure the fabric at the top third. Snip off the end of the zip tie once it is tightened.
adding zip tie to drop cloth

step 3.

If you do not have these pre-stamped angel face beads; simply use a sharpie, or paint pen to make a face on any wood bead. You can practice on a scrap piece of paper first if you want. 🙂
pipe cleaner through wood bead

step 4.

Run a pipe cleaner through the wood bead and fold the top into a circle to represent a halo. You can use whatever color pipe cleaner that you like. I went with a goldish brown color.

making halo for angel

step 5.

Cut the pipe cleaner to fit the size of the angel ornament.
using pipe cleaner for angel

step 6.

Now you want to attach the angel face to the ornament. Place a dab of hot glue at the center opening of the drop cloth and drop the pipe cleaner down inside so that the sweet angel face peeks out on top.
adding angel head to ornament

step 7. 

Cut a piece of ribbon for a bow and secure it with a zip tie for a quick and easy one-step bow. Be sure to snip off the rest of the zip tie.

buffalo check bow on angel ornament

Attach the bow just under the angel face chin with a little hot glue. I show both a buffalo check bow and a gold bow to show you how different it looks just by changing out the ribbon.

adding hot glue for bow 


DIY angel ornament 

Finish off the angel by pulling threads of the drop cloth around the edges to fray and give it a shabby look. These angels can also be made to look rustic by tea or coffee staining them.

pulling thread for ornament

Look at how beautiful this little ornament is hanging on my tree. She glows in the soft lights. I just love it! 

close up of angel ornament

You can tuck these angels into your tree like I did or you can alternatively thread an additional zip tie through the original zip tie on the back to create a way to hang from a branch.

Here’s another view of this precious angel ornament from the front of the tree.

angel ornament from drop cloth on Christmas tree

Here she is shown alternatively with a more traditional sparkly gold bow. I think there is a place for both as well as any other ribbon you may choose. That is the fun of creating a one of a kind angel.  Which one is your favorite?

angel with gold bow

I mentioned you could also use burlap instead of drop cloth to make the angel. The burlap was definitely a totally different material from the drop cloth, so you may want to make the angel a bit larger.

I love the burlap becuase of it’s pretty frayed edges! The burlap version would be great to use as a Christmas Tree Topper.  Here is the little angel ornament shown in burlap:

burlap angel ornament

You may see more drop cloth projects in the coming weeks. I hope you enjoyed this little ornament. Here are several other Christmas tree ornaments I’ve made… 

and a couple of tree toppers:

Are you ready to make your own? If so, let me know by leaving a comment below.  


If you are more of a visual learner you may want to see the exact step-by-step process, be sure to check out this video tutorial below over on my YouTube Channel! 

Drop Cloth Angel YouTube Thumbnail

tips FOR CRAFTING WITH drop cloth fabric

  • Drop cloth canvas fabric is 100% cotton; therefore it can shrink when washed. If you’d like to wash it before using on a DIY project see washing instructions here.
  • Drop cloth material is super soft and frays easily. This is part of what gives it it’s ‘shabby’ character. Its is a great fabric to use in farmhouse style DIY projects.
  • It’s inexpensive and can be easily found at most hardware stores. 
  • The color of most drop cloths is a neutral beige making it super versatile to create crafts for almost any decor.

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DIY Angel Ornament with Drop Cloth

Let me show you how to make an adorable DIY angel ornament with drop cloth.
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  • Drop Cloth
  • Buffalo Check Ribbon
  • Zip Ties
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Wood Bead


  • Cut a square of drop cloth fabric using the fabric scissors.
  • Fold the fabric in an accordion-style fashion from the outside of the cut drop cloth towards the middle.
  • Secure with a zip tie. 
  • Use a sharpie, or paint pen to make a face on the wood bead.
  • Run a pipe cleaner through the wood bead and fold the top into a circle to represent a halo. 
  • Cut the pipe cleaner and attach the angel face to the ornament. 
  • Cut a piece of ribbon for a bow and secure it with a zip tie. 

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