The Best Christmas Tree Theme – Movie Theater Decorations

Need more ideas for creative and fun Christmas tree themes? This Christmas tree theme is decorated like a movie theater!

Now that I’ve officially decorated a movie theater themed Christmas tree, I cannot imagine a Christmas without one! It was surprisingly one of the most fun Christmas trees to decorate ever. From the fake movie tickets to the faux popcorn bucket, this Christmas tree is one of my new favorites to decorate.  The possibilities are endless as far as decorating when it comes to this movie theater themed tree.

This is just how I did mine. Christmas tree theme - movie theater

movie theater themed tree As featured in…

Unique Christmas Tree Themes

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Do you use antique ornaments with special memories tied to them? Do you make your own ornaments? If you haven’t tried to decorate a themed tree before, let me tell you, it’s lots of fun! Since my family loves going to the movies together, I decided to celebrate that and make a movie theater Christmas tree. 

In fact, I’m going to share with you exactly how I did it! 

Before I get to that, there are tons of other themes other people have made too. Maybe you don’t enjoy the movies as much as I do. Try one of these themes instead. 

  • Coastal Tree – Decorate with anchors and mermaids. Make your tree reflect the ocean and the water with whites, blues, and silver. 
  • LEGO – Decorate a tree for kids with a LEGO theme. You can even create your own star for the top of the tree out of LEGOs. 
  • Pictures and Postcards – Whether you love photographer, travel, or both, hang up postcards and photos from your memories on your tree. 
  • Candy Cane Christmas Tree – Decorate completely with red and white striped decor. Your entire tree will look like a festive candy cane. 
  • Snow Man – Decorate your tree with a scarf and top hat to look like a snowman. 
  • Snow – Layer cotton on the tree to make it look like it’s covered in snow. 
  • Patriotic Christmas Tree – Use red, white, and blue stars for a patriotic Christmas tree. 

How To Make A movie theater tree

The entire tutorial is in a printable card at the bottom of this post. I wanted to share some important tips and more photos of my tree. I hope this helps you.

Feel free to copy my tree or create your own theme. It’s so easy and a ton of fun! 


  • Pre-lit tree of your choice
  • Popcorn sack or bucket for the tree topper
  • Silk hydrangea
  • Paper movie tickets
  • Chalkboard sign
  • Mercury glass ornaments
  • Boxed candy of your choice
  • Sugared candy garland
  • Tree skirt of your choice (mine is a fur infinity scarf from the thrift store)

Steps to decorate a theater Christmas tree

Here are my tips that will help you create a stunning tree based on a love of movie theaters. You are going to love this! 

Start From the bottom 

Start at the bottom by adding the tree skirt of your choice. If you decorate from the bottom up, you avoid trying to add the tree skirt with ornaments on your tree. It’s so much easier to start with the skirt first. 


Decorate with garland and a sign 

Add candy garland or garland of your choice. After looking back at this, I regret not using popcorn. That would have been so perfect! Then, add a chalkboard sign and write “Now Showing” or your choice of words on it. movie-theater-theme-christmas-tree-now-showing-sign

Decorate with candy boxes 

Empty the candy boxes (that’s the fun part; wink, wink). Tuck the candy boxes throughout the tree. Remember, this is a movie theater theme, so use the proper sized boxes of candy. 

movie-theater-theme-christmas-tree-middle of the tree

use tickets like a garland 

Add ornaments of your choice and drape the movie tickets onto the tree. movie-theater-theme-christmas-tree movie tickets garland

Make fake popcorn for the topper

Poke a hole in the bottom of the popcorn bucket and poke onto the top branch. Tuck hydrangea picks into the popcorn bucket to appear as popcorn. I love how this turned out! 

movie theater themed Christmas Tree faux popcorn tree topper

The best part about this movie theater Christmas tree is the excitement of making it your own! I cannot wait to start collecting new ornaments to add each year.  You can have so much fun with this.

movie theater themed Christmas Tree

Create Your Own Christmas Tree Theme

Making your own Christmas tree theme is a lot of fun! Break out of the traditional garland and glass bulbs. What is something you and your family enjoy doing together? That’s a good place to start. 

After you have the theme in mind, start with the topper. Use something that is big and bold and really grabs your attention. 

Then, move to something that you can use as garland. I used a roll of tickets, but you can use anything, even ribbons and rolls of beads. 

The easiest part is adding your own ornaments. I used empty boxes of candy – if it fits on the tree, use it! 

movie theater themed Christmas Tree

My Dollar Tree decorated Christmas tree was also a blast to decorate. If you missed that one, it is linked here for your convenience, Dollar Tree Decorated Christmas Tree.

If you love this kind of DIY, you need to be in our FREE Christmas DIY group, friend! It’s a group that includes “All Things Christmas” including crafts, recipes, and decor inspiration. Be sure to get yourself signed up below.  I can’t wait to meet you!

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Movie Theater Christmas Tree

Here's how to create your own Christmas tree theme based on the love of movie theaters.
Prep Time5 minutes
Active Time30 minutes
Total Time35 minutes
Keyword: Christmas tree theme
Yield: 1 tree
Cost: 30


  • Pre-lit Christmas Tree
  • Tree Skirt


  • 1 popcorn sack or bucket
  • 1 silk hydrangea
  • 1 roll paper tickets
  • 1 chalkboard sign
  • 15 glass ornaments
  • 6 boxes candy
  • 1 string sugared candy garland


  • Start at the bottom by adding the tree skirt of your choice.
  • Add candy garland or garland of your choice.
  • Add a chalkboard sign and write “Now Showing” or your choice of words on it.
  • Empty the candy boxes and tuck them throughout the tree.
  • Add ornaments of your choice.
  • Drape the movie tickets onto the tree.
  • Poke a hole in the bottom of the popcorn bucket and poke onto the top branch.
  • Tuck hydrangea picks into the popcorn bucket to appear as popcorn.

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