12 Must Have Dollar Tree Craft Supplies for Any DIY Project

This is my complete list of cheap craft supplies. You can make almost anything without spending too much. These Dollar Tree crafts supplies are exactly what you need and must have in your craft stash!

Not every DIY enthusiast has been inside a Dollar Tree store before. If that’s you, you are sure missing out!

There is an unbelievable number of crafting supplies that the store offers, and yes, each one is just $1.25! Dollar Tree art supplies are obviously very budget-friendly.

I can’t wait to share with you these Dollar Tree crafts supplies that I believe can be used for any DIY project!

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12 craft supplies you need to buy for dollar tree crafts!

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The Best Dollar Tree Crafts Supplies For Any Project

This list has tons of cheap craft supplies that you can use to make just about any craft. If you are ready to save money on your crafts and DIY projects, then keep reading.

1. Glue Sticks 

While you may not always remember to keep them nearby while crafting, glue sticks are a staple for any natural DIY crafter.

In fact, I use hot glue so often, that I invested in my own cordless glue gun recently and I absolutely love it!

Dollar Tree also sells its own dollar tree hot glue gun, but I believe there are mixed reviews about its quality.

glue sticks from the dollar tree for crafting

2. Craft Sticks

While we are on the topic of “sticks”, I may as well include good old trusty dollar tree popsicle sticks. This is one of the first supplies I remember using as a little girl and boy did it seem like we used them on just about everything! LOL! Regardless, craft sticks have been so handy to have around for:

  • stirring small batches of paint
  • bookmarking a page in a book
  • labeling a plant
  • fixing a wobbly table
  • staining and using in a project
popsicle sticks from the dollar tree for crafting

3.  Mod Podge

Before I began to actually do craft projects myself, I had never even heard of mod podge! Ha! I thought the world of decoupaging was a complete mystery.

Once you start using it, you’re hooked and can’t stop thinking of all the projects you can do. Most of the time, it only takes a small amount to complete your DIY project and that’s when these small bottles of mod podge come in handy for only $1!

Mod podge from the dollar tree

4.  Glue Dots

Wait, did I just say glue dots? Yes. Yes, I did! These are also newly discovered items (for me) to use on projects like the easy cabinet declutter project I posted. They are basically little dots of melted glue that you can use as heavy-duty stickers anywhere you need to glue something down.

Glue dots are awesome!

Glue dots from the dollar tree for crafts

5. Wire Cutters

This must-have tool is over on my list of “DIY Must-Haves “! I use mine on almost everything, not just wire.

I remember wishing I had it with me during the “DIY Stick Photo Frame” project… just trust me and get yourself a pair of wire cutters! It’s a no-brainer for only $1.25!

dollar tree crafts supplies - wire cutter

6. Wreath Frames 

Wow! Just wow! Wreaths are one of the most fun, go-to projects on any DIY crafter’s list.

When you make as many of them as I do, it’s a true ‘find’ to see them here for only $1.25 each!

Choose between two sizes of round wireframes, a square, a cross, a pumpkin shape or wagon wheel or even choose a grapevine one instead. It’s so fun to create with these wreath frame forms that are already done for you! I’ve used them in several projects including these below

Wreath forms from the dollar tree

7. Plastic Paint Trays 

These are the handiest little trays! I’m all for saving money, so I used to simply use paper plates to put my paint on; however, after discovering these little plastic trays everything has changed. They come six to a package and if you just wash them after you use them, you will never run out.

You will save money and waste less paper; therefore, you’re saving the planet. Try them for yourself!

art palette from the dollar store

8.  Foam Brushes

Foam brushes are a crafter’s best friend. They are so versatile and I use them on everything–glue, paint, decoupage, sealer, etc.  The list goes on forever. My favorite use for this is when I mod podge napkins onto decor surfaces.  They keep most of the bubbles out.

It’s super helpful to have them come in this variety pack of different sizes, too! You never know when your DIY project is going to require a small foam brush or an extra-large one. It’s such a bargain to grab these for only $1.25!

package of $1 foam brushes

9. Zip Ties

Zip ties or cable ties may sound like an odd supply for a crafter, but not really. I use them all the time when making my signature messy bows! They are super handy at keeping the bow in shape permanently.

Zip ties are one of those things that you never know you’re going to need, but when you do, you’re so thankful to have them. Grab a bag and stash it in your craft closet – trust me!

zip ties from the dollar tree for craft projects

10. Shower Curtain Liner 

Shower curtain liners make the best drop cloths! You can use them underneath all of your messy paint projects, like the one I did here painting colorful book decor.

They are great for catching wood shavings and overall messes. You can cut them down to the actual size that you need for your project, and when you’re finished, you can either wipe them down or toss them and start over. I love it!

shower liner from dollar tree

11. Jute Twine String

Since I don’t know the exact name for this supply, I’m just giving it three names. Jute. Twine. String. LOL! They can even be found in three different locations around the store as mentioned in my YouTube video below.

This is one of my favorite items to use for projects that are all things farmhouse. Jute is used in one of the most popular crafting projects – hand-made wooden beaded tassels and I make them a lot!

Basically, jute is a staple for any DIY crafter!

jute twine for dollar store crafts

12.  Kraft Paper Bags

How fun is it to gift someone a handmade item when the bag is just as cute as the gift? These inexpensive kraft paper bags are just what the ‘crafter’ ordered.

They are super cute just as they are, however, with a little stamping, gluing, stenciling, or painting, they can be made to be even better. The possibilities are endless!

Grab these while they last at only 2 for $1.25!

craft paper bags from the dollar store

If you prefer to watch my YouTube Video Tutorial for step-by-step instructions watch it below.


Make Dollar Tree Crafts on The Cheap

I hope this inspires you to go out there and stock your crafting closet with these 12 must-have Dollar Tree crafts supplies.

Here are some of my favorite inspirational Dollar Tree DIY projects:


Leave your thoughts below in the comments, please… BTW— Life is short—Enjoy the mess!

12 Must Have Dollar Tree Craft Supplies for Any DIY Project


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