Melanie’s ‘Messy’ Bow is Named DIY Bow of the Year

Is it even possible for my Messy Bow to be named DIY Bow of the Year? Ok well, maybe, just maybe I made it up. What I didn’t make up was the “mess” of a year we had this year and my ‘messy’ bow tells the story. It takes a complete mess and turns it into something beautiful! The best part of making my ‘messy’ bow for DIY crafts is how easy it is and how there is no wrong way to make one…

Melanie's Messy Bow of the year easy to make

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What is a DIY Bow of the Year?

Even though I just made it up; my ‘messy’ bow for crafting seems to fit the bill for the year we have experienced. It has changed the way we make bows which is similar to how a lot of the things we do have changed this year. Out with the old, complicated way and in with the new, easy ‘messy’ bow way.

how to make a messy bow DIY bow

My messy bow has been made so popular from it’s debut on Facebook where it went viral overnight. Watch the ACTUAL VIDEO by CLICKING HERE. 

Making a bow yourself has never been easier.

  • My Messy Bow basically takes the scraps from any fabric project and ties them together with a zip tie.
  • It is usually finished off with an amazing piece of what I like to call BLING which is sparkly, rhinestone jewelry pieces.

The FULL TUTORIAL on how to make my Messy Bow is HERE.


what makes my messy bow so fun to make?

This bow is so much fun to make! I think the key ingredient to fun is simplicity and boy is this DIY bow easy! Anyone can make one! I promise! I received countless messages this year from followers who have told me how excited they were to be back to making bows or who made a bow for the first time because of my messy bow.  That is so rewarding to hear!  

Another reason my messy bow is so fun to make is the variety of fabric and ribbon choices you can pick from. It’s literally endless. As a creative, I love the all colors and patterns and this bow with all of its many options makes it fun to create. Messy bow burlap wrap supplies

messy bows from this year

Spring Messy Bow


Summery Lemon Messy Bow

melanie's lemon messy bow

Patriotic Messy Bow

Patriotic Messy Bow

Everyday Messy Bows


messy bow burlap pillow wrap

Fall Messy Bow



Halloween Messy Bow

Halloween Witch Hat DIY Messy Bow

Christmas Messy Bows

Christmas Tree Topper idea with bling styled


my other messy bow DIY bow projects

my other DIY bows you can make

I would absolutely love it if you would share your version of this messy bow in the comments below!

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I can’t wait to meet you! BTW— Life is short—Enjoy the mess!


  1. Karen Stallcup Reed says:

    Used these quick bows that use up last bits of ribbon so wonderfully on many projects! Love it!

    1. southerncrush says:

      So pretty! Thanks for sharing!

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