Easy T-Shirt Bow DIY

Using an old t-shirt to make a bow was something I never thought I’d see, but here it is!  This is an easy t-shirt bow DIY project using an old long sleeve t-shirt and some scissors!  It could not be any easier than that! Once you start making these, you’ll be on the hunt for old t-shirts all of the time…ask me how I know–lol!Easy-T-Shirt-Bow-DIY

supplies for easy t-shirt bow diy

step by step instructions for T-SHIRT bow

  1. Cut sleeve away from t-shirt at the shoulder area as shown.easy tshirt bow
  2. Cut the cuff off at the end of the sleeve and save it for later use.easy tshirt bow
  3. Turn the sleeve piece wrong side out and cut up the center along the seam as shown.easy tshirt bow
  4. Now cut the seam trim piece away from the one side of the sleeve as shown and retain for later use.easy tshirt bow
  5. Now use a “pinching” technique to fold up the sleeve in an accordian-like fashion as shown.easy tshirt boweasy tshirt bow
  6. Then take the cuff piece that you saved after cutting and place it around the center of the folded piece as shown.easy tshirt boweasy tshirt bow
  7. Take the center “cuff” piece and twist it back around the bow a second time to tighten it onto the bow as the center as shown.easy tshirt boweasy tshirt bow
  8. Optionally, you can hot glue a piece of jewelry or bling to the center of this bow for an added flair!easy tshirt bow
  9. If you plan to ‘hang’ it on something else as decor, you can attach the piece of seam that was reserved by threading it through the back of the bow as shown.easy tshirt bow

WATCH VIdeo tutorial for making an easy t-shirt bow HERE


viola!  A t-shirt bow out of an old t-shirt!easy tshirt bow

I’m in love with the look of this super easy DIY bow.  There are so many uses for it, but this is just a couple.

hang it on a wreath!easy tshirt bow
easy tshirt bow
use it on a napkin ring for a pretty place setting!easy tshirt bow
easy tshirt bow
easy tshirt bow

easy t-shirt bow diy pin


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  1. Lisa Felps says:

    Love the bling…

  2. Stacey French says:

    Love this T-shirt bow, Super cute and very different. Thank you Melanie for all of your amazing ideas and crafts!

    1. southerncrush says:

      I’m so glad! You’re so welcome!

  3. Ethel Ferebee says:

    Fantastic. Can’t wait to try!!

  4. This is the best I love this idea 💡 for a bow 🎁

  5. Gail Fink says:

    Love this bow, it can be casual or dressy

  6. Clarnetta Arrington says:

    Cute ideas can’t wait to try the tShirt bows, I will try with splatter paint as well😊

  7. Great idea!! Goodwill here I come!

  8. I absolutely love this bow! I’m gonna try it around our pool!💜

  9. Terri Reno says:

    Who knew you could make such a versatile bow with a T-shirt?! I love the simple step by step instructions.

  10. Janet Butner says:

    I would have never thought to us a t shirt to make a bow. I love it. Love the bling you added. So glad I found this web site.

  11. Sandra Starcher Brannon says:

    Thank you

  12. Tonia Krautlarger says:

    Super cute and easy and everyone has tee shirts. The bling just makes it.

  13. Linda Newby says:

    Thanks Melanie for this tip. I will be making this bow.
    Love your crafts. LInda Newby

  14. Penny Kitchens says:

    I love this easy bow! So cute!

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