21 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Ornaments

Before you throw out those old ornaments, here are 21 creative ways to repurpose them and make your home look even more festive for the holidays. Whether it’s adding a little bit of sparkle to your table or giving an ornament a new purpose by making it into a wreath, these ideas will help you get rid of that clutter and add some extra holiday cheer.

21 ways to use old ornaments

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Glue ornaments to a canvas for a fun whimsical look

This is so much fun to make and anyone can do it! Think of all the possiblities besides just a christmas tree shape.

ornaments on a canvas in the shape of a christmas tree
credit: my family thyme


tuck ornaments into a bookcase or shelf for a pop of color

Ahhh! These gorgeous subtle pops of blue and silver and gold compliment this bookshelf perfectly. They draw me in and make me want to grab a book and curl up near a fireplace. How about you?

ornaments on a bookshelf
credit: target


fill a dough bowl with ornaments and add fairy lights

This has to be one of the easiest ways to create a statement piece for your holiday tablescape. Grab a dough bowl or any bowl for that matter, toss your ornament balls in and add some batter powered fairly lights! Viola! Instant decor.

ornaments in a bowl with lights
credit: beth bryan


hang VARIOUS COLORED ornaments from a window WITH RIBBONS

Hanging ornaments by ribbons or twine from your window does two things… it makes those inside happy and it make those outside looking in happy, too! I love this idea.

ornaments hanging in a window
credit: dish functional designs



The backside of dining chairs is often an overlooked opportunity to add an extra touch of color and whimsy. Adding ornaments gives them the sweetness they need. Try this.

ornament chairback
credit: better homes & gardens 


place old ornaments on a doorknob for an unexpected touch

Cluster some ornament balls on a ribbon and tie to any door knob for an unexpected but appreciated touch of holiday spirit. Such a fun idea.

ornaments on a doorknob
credit: the good stuff


create a holiday centerpiece with old ornaments

Ornaments, ornaments, and more ornaments, oh my! Add them to a cake plate as seen below or a candle stick or simply toss them about the center of the table. They are sure to please your guests.

ornaments as a centerpiece
credit: better homes & gardens


create an unforgettable place setting with ornament napkin rings

Add a few small ornaments to a ribbon for a quick DIY napkin ring that your guests can take with them when they leave. Boom!

ornament napkin ring
credit: better homes & gardens


add ornaments to create a one of a kind holiday wreath

Grab a wreath form and a glue gun and get to work with your old ornaments. The more colorful the better! I love the way this one turned out with all the vintage ornaments.

ornaments on a wreath
credit: inspired by charm


make an ornament finial for a lampshade

Make a one of a kind finial for your lampshade out of an old ornament. This is a fun and unexpected way to use ornaments other than the Christmas tree.

ornament on a lampshade as a finial
credit: in my own style


hang ornaments various at heights from a light fixture or chandelier

Hang different shapes and sizes and colors of ornaments at varying heights with ribbon from your chandelier or light fixture. Such a pretty way to decorate for the holidays.

ornaments on a chandelier
credit: anyone can decorate


make individual place card holder for a festive holiday table

Make every one of your holiday guest feel special with their own unique ornament place card holder. Get creative and let your guests take their home as a parting gift.

ornament place holder
credit: bob vila


add old ornaments to a staircase for decoration

Wow your guests with this fun idea. Hang larger ornaments from the stairway with different colors of ribbon at different heights. Add greenery if you wish.

ornaments on staircase
credit: homedit


hang ornaments from an indoor plant for year round holiday spirit

Keep up the holiday spirit year round by decorating your indoor plants with ornaments.

ornaments on a plant
credit: balcony garden web


make your own christmas ornament garland

Using some twine or fishing wire or even ribbon create your own Christmas ornament garland by stringing them together in any order you please. Hang from a window, a mantel, or a banister or over a doorway.

ornament garland
credit: pear mama


Craft little miniature vases from old ornaments

How sweet are these little ornament vases? Match your party’s theme or make a single one as a gift. 

ornament vases
credit: dukes and duchesses 


embellish your gift wrapping with old ornaments

Gift wrapping doesn’t have to be boring or expensive when you utilize what you already have. Use old ornaments on your bows to add that something extra.

ornaments on gift wrapping
credit: oh happy day


add a few old ornaments to a three tiered tray

Decorate a tiered tray with ornaments. Any color, any size and any shape goes for this project. Get creative and place on your counter or use as a centerpiece.

ornaments on a tiered tray idea
credit: digs digs


make a mantel shine with adding of ornaments

Adding ornaments to your mantel can make all the difference. Tuck them under greenery or place them next to a stack of books. Either way, they’re sure to add just the right amount of color.

ornaments on a mantel
credit: inspired by charm 


craft wine glass candle holders with ornaments

Try your hand at this easy DIY project using wine glasses and small assorted ornaments. Create a one of a kind ambiance for a soft and glowing centerpiece.

ornaments under wine glasses candle holders
credit: live dan 


frame some old ornaments in the shape of a tree for instant art

Easy artwork is my favorite and it doesn’t get any easier than simply framing ornaments. Create the shape of a tree or go in rows; either way, this look is sure to get them talking!

ornaments in a frame
credit: inspired by charm 

So you see? There is no reason to toss those old ornaments! Repurpose them instead. Which of these was your favorite repurposing idea? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. First time visitor and I’m impressed with the quality of your idea collections. I quickly boxed up our holiday decorations to give away because we’re moving this summer. I’m paring down everything! But I hesitated and now I’m having 2nd thoughts. I can get more later right?

    1. southerncrush says:

      of course! Thank you so much!

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