How to Make a Valentine’s Heart Wreath (using Nautical Rope)

I’m excited to show you how to make a gorgeous Valentine’s Heart Wreath using nautical rope. This easy tutorial will show you step-by-step instructions so you can make your own. Perfect for your front door or as a decoration to hang inside your home. Let’s get started!

valentines wreath with nautical rope on front door

One of the easiest ways to decorate your home for any holiday or season is to create a simple wreath. Today I’m showing you how to make Valentine’s heart wreath with nautical rope.

This DIY door decor checks all the boxes as just about everything is from Dollar Tree. You know how much I love Dollar Tree crafts. You may also like this other Valentine’s heart wreath I made using a mop head. Isn’t that so fun?

heart wreath diy hanging on front door styled Now, let’s get to the quick tutorial so you can make your own heart wreath.

Supplies Needed for a Valentine’s Heart Wreath

All the supplies needed can be found by clicking HERE in my Amazon Shop!

  • Dollar Tree Wire Heart Wreath Form
  • 2 Dollar Tree Nautical Ropes
  • 4 Spools of Dollar Tree Ribbons – I used a beautiful red and white buffalo check and faux burlap!
  • Hot glue and Glue gun
  • Scissors
supplies for valentines heart wreath

How to Make A Valentine’s Heart Wreath

Step One

Start by running a bead of hot glue on the wire wreath form starting on the second wire. Press the nautical rope onto the hot glue. QUICK TIP: You can protect your fingertips with these inexpensive finger protectors.
hot glue nautical rope to wire wreath
Continue to wrap the nautical rope around the middle and inside wires of the heart wreath form all the way around the straight section of the heart.
wrapping rope tight
For the arched section of the heart, alternate wrapping the rope around the middle wire only and then again around the middle and the inside center wires. This creates that pretty look and allows for the rope to cover the rounded section of the heart shape.
wrapping rope around heart frame
When you get to the end of the nautical rope, add a dab of hot glue and press it down to secure it. back of nautical rope frame

Step Two

Now you are going to add the wired ribbon. I’m going with this bright and festive red buffalo check ribbon. Use your fabric scissors to cut the ribbon about 8″ in length. cutting red and white ribbon for heart wreath Fold the ribbon in half, then fold in half a second time. folding red and white ribbon in half Cut the top at an angle so it has a nice “dove-tail” finish. cutting points of ribbon for wreath

Step Three

Pinch the ribbon together in the middle and fold inward creating a tail shape.

gathering corners of ribbon to attach to wreath

Hot glue it around the outer rope edge in between the ropes about an inch apart.  Press it securely in between each piece of the nautical rope. Repeat this process until the wreath form is completely covered. securing red and white ribbon to wreath

Step Four

Next up, use your final wired ribbon to create the final layer of the wreath. Follow the same process in cutting 8″ strips and folding then cutting for the dovetail effect. trimming ribbon for heart wreath In this case, I used a burlap-type ribbon and simply hot glued it around the wire until the outer wire on the wreath form was completely covered. adding burlap ribbon to wreath

Step Five

Now you need to add a piece of jute for hanging. Simply tie the jute around each side of the nautical rope on the back. This will make it nice and secure. adding twine to heart wreath for hanging Be sure to add a simple pretty bow at the top of the heart! Finish it off by “fluffing” the ribbons. Take each one, spread it out, and pull the pieces around to the front that are hiding or squished together. heart print ribbon accent on wreath

Hang Your Valentine’s Heart Wreath

Look how stunning this wreath looks on my front door. completed valentine heart wreath It’s a showstopper for sure! And wasn’t it super simple to make? If you can find a wired ribbon that you like at Dollar Tree you can finish this wreath for about $7. You can’t beat that. side view of heart wreath

Another View of the Valentine’s Heart Wreath

valentine heart wreath on front door

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

If you want to see the exact step-by-step process, be sure to watch this video tutorial below over on my YouTube Channel!
Thank you for checking out my post on how to make Valentine’s heart wreath. I hope that you found this tutorial helpful and that you will be able to create your own beautiful wreath using these instructions. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. I would love to see photos of your finished project! You may want to try out my other Paper Heart Valentine’s Heart Wreath, too! paper heart wreath on vintage window

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diy valentine heart wreath supplies pin


Valentine's Heart Wreath

Learn how to make a stunning Valentine's Heart wreath for your front door using nautical rope.
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  • Dollar Tree Wire Heart Wreath Form
  • Nautical Rope
  • Assorted Ribbon


  • Run a bead of hot glue on the wire wreath form starting on the second spine. Press the nautical rope onto the hot glue. 
  • Continue to glue the nautical rope across the middle and top spine of the heart form. 
  • When you get to the end, hot glue the rope so it is secure.
  • Fold the ribbon in half and cut it at an angle so it has a nice finish. 
  • Press the ribbon together in the middle and hot glue it in half around the middle ring.
  • Repeat this process until the wreath form is completely covered.
  • Use your accent ribbon to follow the same process for the final layer of the wreath.
  • Add a piece of jute for hanging.
  • Place a pretty ribbon bow on the front center of the heart.


  1. Pam murray says:

    how many feet are in each spools, in case we can’t find at dollar tree and have to get elsewhere? we are making as a craft project for our women’s group at we need to buy in quality

    1. southerncrush says:

      spools were 108″ or 9′ of 2″ ribbon

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