How to Decorate a Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tree for the Back Porch

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about how to decorate your home and what theme you want to go with for your decor. If you have a back porch or back patio, then it’s an excellent opportunity to create an inviting space that reflects the warm and cozy feeling of the holiday season.

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tree PIN

A Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tree is a perfect solution for decorating an outdoor space. If you want ideas on how to create a rustic farmhouse Christmas tree for your back porch, then keep reading.

How to Decorate a Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tree

Transform your outdoor space this holiday season with a charming Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Tree. It’s an easy tree to put together and very forgiving if you are on a budget!

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Step One: Choose the right tree

The first step in decorating a rustic farmhouse Christmas tree is selecting the right tree. A real tree would be perfect for outside; however, they aren’t always practical. Instead, opt for an artificial Christmas tree like the King Noble Fir here from King of Christmas.

King of Christmas Christmas Tree

Watch the YouTube video above to see how easy it is to put together.

Look for a tree that has asymmetrical branches, and that is slightly sparse to showcase the ornaments better.

A flocked tree with snow is also a great option to make it look like you just cut it down from the outside.

Step Two: Add an assortment of ornaments

Begin your rustic farmhouse Christmas tree design with assortments of tree ornaments.

gold ornament

Look for wooden decorations, rusty metal ornaments, or a mixture of ornaments that fit into your theme.

Adorn your tree with rustic-colored ornaments like these.

rustic colored ornaments

You can also create sentimental ornaments, with old family photos that can add a personal touch to the tree.

I did a quick and easy Dollar Tree DIY with some metal deer and black Rust-Oleum spray paint that you can see below.

Step Three: Add natural elements

A rustic look requires natural elements that can set the theme. Decorate with natural elements like pine cones, dried flowers, and branches.

You can also add fresh greenery like fir or pine sprigs, eucalyptus, or cedar to create a forest feel.

I added a stained garland to my outdoor Christmas tree. You can see the steps below.

Step Four: Use burlap ribbons

Burlap ribbons are a signature farmhouse decor element that can add texture and depth to your tree.

Attach burlap ribbons casually all around the tree, creating a cozy rustic feel. To add more dimension, you can combine burlap with other ribbons with intricate designs.

black ribbon and buffalo check ribbon

I added a black buffalo check and a basic black glitter ribbon to my farmhouse tree.

burlap buffalo check ribbon

Step Five: Check your colors

When creating the rustic look for your farmhouse Christmas Tree, stick to a neutral color palette that resonates with the theme like beige, browns, and greens.

close up of tree during the day

However, you can also incorporate traditional colors, like red and green, for a playful twist or the colors of your choosing.

Decorating a rustic farmhouse Christmas tree for your back porch is an excellent opportunity to showcase your style simply. From selecting a tree to adding natural elements and ornaments, every detail counts.

I added a thrift store wooden star for the tree topper, but you can get creative and make something as well.

finished rustic farmhouse christmas tree

Embrace the cozy vibe of the holiday season and try creating a rustic farmhouse Christmas Tree for your back porch or patio.

overhead view of tree

With these tips, you’ll surely create the old-fashioned rustic holiday feeling for your home.

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