Poolside Wedding Decor Idea for Outdoor Reception

If you’re planning a wedding with a pool at your venue, you have a unique opportunity to turn that space into a fun focal point. We recently did this for my son’s wedding. This poolside wedding decor idea is perfect for an outdoor reception; create a floating monogram to add elegance and a personal touch.

This visually captivating feature not only enhances the beauty of the sparkling pool but also adds personality to the celebration. Below is a detailed guide on how to create your own floating monogram for your wedding, ensuring that your big day is unique and memorable.

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Supplies Needed for Floating Monogram

To be clear, I purchased my styrofoam initials HERE. It saved me loads of time and was super convenient. I added the flowers once they arrived.

You can also make your monogram letters as a fun DIY if you like with the supplies below.

  • Foam Board: Choose a foam board that is large enough for your monogram and thick enough to float well. Waterproof foam board is ideal if available. Since it’s only floating in the pool a couple of hours, the Dollar Tree foam board should work just fine.
  • Pencil and Marker: For sketching and outlining your design on the foam board.
  • Exacto Knife or a Sharp Craft Knife: To cut out your monogram design.
  • Paint and Brushes (optional): Select waterproof paint in colors that match your wedding theme.
  • Filament or Fishing Line: This is to connect the letters
  • Surebonder Hot Glue Mini Skillet
  • Waterproof Glue: To attach the clear fishing line to the backside of the letters.
  • Decorations (optional): Consider adding elements like waterproof LED lights, or flowers for extra flair. Check with your venue first to make sure this is allowed.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Making Poolside Wedding Decor:

Step 1: Design Your Monogram Letters

Start by designing your monogram. You can do this on a computer using design software or draw it freehand. The design should include the initials of the bride and groom.

Once you’re happy with the design, print it out or sketch it directly onto the foam board using a pencil. Make sure it’s scaled correctly to be visible from the poolside.

Step 2: Cut Out the Initials

Lay the foam board on a flat, stable surface. Using an Exacto knife or a sharp craft knife, carefully cut out your monogram design.

Take your time to ensure clean, smooth edges, which will contribute to the overall elegance of the piece.

styrofoam initial

Step 3: Paint and/or Decorate

Optionally, you can paint your monogram letters in colors that coordinate with your wedding decor. Allow the paint to dry completely. If you decide to add additional decorations, such as attaching flowers, dip them in hot glue before poking the stem through the foam.

In hindsight, I would not have added the faux hydrangeas to my letters. It took away from the crisp outline of the intials and made it a bit harder to tell what they were.

Step 4: Connect the Monogram Initial Letters

Once the paint and decorations have dried, it’s time to attach them so that they stay together while they float around in the pool. Do this with filament or clear fishing line so that it is invisible to the naked eye. I used waterproof adhesive and a tack to connect the letters from the backside of the foam.

Measure out the distance you prefer. Further apart is better. Mine weren’t far enough apart, so with the florals it was hard to see the definition of the letters.

Step 5: Test and Install the Floating Wedding Decor

Before the big day, it’s a good idea to test your monogram in a pool to ensure it floats well and looks great from all angles. Make any necessary adjustments.

On the day of the wedding, carefully place the monogram in the pool.

A floating monogram is a super fun and thoughtful addition to any poolside wedding. It not only serves as a stunning visual centerpiece but also personalizes your venue in a unique and stylish way.

The floating monogram will catch the eyes of your guests, making for unforgettable photographs and memories. As the sun sets, the reflection of the monogram on the water can create a magical atmosphere, adding to the romance and beauty of your special day.

Enjoy the process of creating this special piece, knowing it will add a personalized sparkle to your wedding decor.

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