Thrift Store Pillow Makeover (using a Vintage Tablecloth)

Let me show you this beautiful Thrift Store Pillow Makeover. You can find pillows and table cloths for such a good price at the thrift store. This pillow makeover is a no-sew version and can be made in less than 10 minutes! thrift store makeover pin image

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Be Sure to PIN this for Later!

The next time you are at the thrift store, be sure to check the fabric section and pillow bins. You can usually find thrift store pillows and pretty vintage table cloths, or fabric, that you can use to give the pillow a quick makeover. The best part is, this is a completely no-sew project! Let’s get to this tutorial.

WHAT YOU’LL NEED TO MAKEover a Thrift Store Pillow 

I found this cute little polka dot pillow in a big pillow bin on my recent trip to the Salvation Army in Mansfield, TX!
pillow bin at thrift store
Just across the way from the pillow bin was a huge row of linens where I found the vintage tablecloth to cover the pillow! It was meant to be… at least, that’s what I like to think! Ha!
vintage table cloths

HOW TO MAKEover A Thrift Store Pillow

Start by placing the pillow on your table cloth. Decide on how much of your pillow you want to cover. You could cover the entire pillow, one side only, or like me; cover half of one side of the pillow. Use your fabric scissors to cut to size. I cut a triangular shape. Be sure to leave enough fabric to cover the pillow the length of the pillow down the middle.

cutting fabric for thrift store pillow

If you’re a huge “pillow lover” like me, you may want to check these projects out as well:

Ok, now back to the project! Fold the fabric on the diagonal across the top of the pillow. Fold under about 1/2″ so you have a clean edge. Use your hot glue gun to glue the fabric to the pillow.

using hot glue gun on fabric pillow

Continue to glue the fabric around the pillow just along the seam’s edge until it is secure. I left the piping exposed on the outside.  It’s amazing to see how this pretty vintage table cloth completely transformed this thrift store pillow in no time!

hot glue for fabric pillow


Check the edges to be sure the hot glue is secure, and touch up any spots that may need it. You can also use fabric glue if you like.

thrift store pillow with fabric makeover

Thrift Store Pillow Makeover

That’s all there is to it! Isn’t it beautiful? This looks like something that you would see at a vintage boutique or home store, and it was made for a fraction of the cost. Now, just decorate with your beautiful “new to you” pillow.

finished thrift store pillow makeover on chair

You see the gorgeous chair the pillow sits on? That is a DIY that I just shared. Isn’t it beautiful? You can see how I updated this buffalo check vintage step stool here.

side view of thrift store pillow makeover

I found the pretty vintage table cloth and pillow on a recent ‘on the road’ shopping trip to Mansfield, TX. Check out all the goodies I found!

thrift store pillow makeover on chair


Before you give a thrift store pillow a makeover, it’s important to make sure it’s properly cleaned first. Here are a few options for disinfecting and cleaning your pre-owned pillows.

Here are some simple steps to clean your pillow: 

  • Pre-treat any stains with a stain remover. If possible, just wipe it down as opposed to soaking it with stain remover.
  • Remove any removable covers if possible.
  • Wash the pillow and cover on gentle settings with gentle, mild detergent (like Woolite) and warm water.
  • Dry the pillow and cover on low heat, or consider drying naturally outside if a sunny day. 


  • If the pillow will only be used outside, consider skipping the washing machine, spray it down with a disinfectant spray and then a fabric freshener like Febreze and simply set it out to “air” out in the sun.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on the pillow, wait 30 minutes and then vacuum it lightly with a vaccuum attachment after 30 minutes to help remove odors.
  • Spray a light layer of vinegar over the pillow; then wipe it down with a mild dish soap solution. Clean spots by wiping them with rubbing alcohol using a cotton swab.

Thrift Store Pillow Makeover

See how I gave an inexpensive thrift store pillow a makeover with a vintage table cloth.
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  • Pillow
  • Thrift Store Tablecloth


  • Place the pillow on your tablecloth. Use your fabric scissors to cut to size.
  • Fold the fabric on the diagonal across the top of the pillow.
  • Fold under about 1/2" so you have a clean edge.
  • Use your hot glue gun to glue the fabric to the pillow. 
  • Continue to glue the fabric around the pillow until it is secure.   



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  1. Hope Cullers says:

    Wow, so cute! I might just have to make one myself!

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      You definitely should!

  2. Love this. I am going to try and make one.

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      yay! I’m so glad and thank you!

  3. Susan Barlow says:

    I love this idea and will be trying it.

  4. Love this pillow. I love that it is also a no-sew project.

    1. southerncrush says:

      Amen! No-sew is my favorite!

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