Easy Decorative Balls for Bowls | Patriotic Dough Bowl Centerpiece

Learn how to make these easy decorative balls for bowls with a simple tutorial for a patriotic dough bowl centerpiece. It’s a quick way to add some personality to your home decor for the summer holidays.

completed patriotic dough bowl centerpiece

Do you want to add a little bit of pizazz to your bowls but don’t know how? Well, have I got the solution for you!

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With just a few simple steps, you can make some easy decorative balls that will really brighten up the room. Plus, this is a great project for patriotic celebrations. I’ve been having so much fun creating all things red, white, and blue-like this colored rice candle decor.

If you are looking for another dough bowl idea, check out this simple wooden dough bowl DIY.

Now, let’s get started.

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Supplies for Easy Decorative Balls for Bowls

  • 3 Dog Toy Balls from the Dollar Tree
  • Jute Balls from the Dollar Tree
  • Rustoleum Paint – red, white, and blue
  • Kilz Primer
  • Mini Flags
  • Patriotic Bead Necklaces from the Dollar Tree
  • Red and Blue Star Beads

You may be able to find the dog toys at the dollar store.

supplies for patriotic balls for dough bowl

I also found really cool jute balls that compliment the red, white, and blue decorative balls nicely.

supplies for dough bowl centerpiece

How to Make Decorative Balls

Filling a dough bowl with decorative balls is an easy way to create a beautiful centerpiece. You can use any type of ball, and even patriotic-themed balls like these, to create a festive display. Just be creative and have fun!

Step 1. Prep the decorative balls

Start by creating a backdrop to spray paint the decorative balls. A simple cardboard box works great for this. Save all of those Amazon boxes. They really come in handy for crafting.

spraying decorative balls

Quick tip: secure a bamboo skewer or wooden dowel across the length of the cardboard box. You can easily hang the decorative balls on the dowel to make spray painting easier.

Spray paint them with a coat of Kilz primer. Kilz has great coverage and makes a great base for any base cover.

The Kilz creates a layer that prevents the next layer of paint from soaking into the rope.

Step 2. Spray paint the decorative balls

Once the primer dries spray paint the balls a solid red, white and blue for a festive patriotic flair!

spraying decorative ball red

Let hang to dry completely.

painted red white and blue balls

Step 3. Decorate a Dough Bowl with the Decorative Balls

Now it’s time to use your creativity to decorate using your new decorative balls.

You can add dollar store finds to a dough bowl such as patriotic beads, stars, and flags to make a one-of-a-kind centerpiece. Anything that gives a little lift to the decorative balls and also compliments the colors.

Grab your favorite dough bowl. These are my favorite dough bowls below. (affiliate link)

To create a festive centerpiece, start by filling the bottom of the bowl with a layer of this ombre-look Easy to Make Colored Rice in red, white, and blue.

red white and blue rice in dough bowl

Next, add the red, white, and blue decorative balls you just painted into the bowl.

decorative balls in dough bowl

These neutral jute twine rope decorative balls add a nice balance to the dough bowl centerpiece. Just trim off the rope handle first so that they will lay flat in the bowl.

trimming jute twine ball handle

Finally, add a layer of Patriotic-themed decorations, like flags, confetti, or beads. I added these foil sprays from the Dollar Tree along with blue necklaces.

adding final touches to dough bowl centerpiece

For a more sophisticated look, try using different colors and sizes of balls. You can also use different types of bowls, like glass or ceramic. Just be creative and have fun!

close up of dough bowl

The flags also add height to the dough bowl centerpiece.

patriotic dough bowl centerpiece on table

I’m in love with the way these turned out and how easily they made the perfect patriotic table centerpiece!

dough bowl on patriotic tablescape

This patriotic dough bowl makes a lovely centerpiece for a summer tablescape. It looks just beautiful with my toile dinner plates and buffalo check runner.

close up of dough bowl centerpiece

Step by Step Video Tutorial on How to Make Decorative Balls for Bowls

If you prefer to watch a step-by-step video tutorial on how to make decorative balls for bowls, then watch the YouTube video below.

This video includes 7 Easy Dollar Tree Patriotic DIYs! The tutorial for this project is last. Use the timestamps in the video description to navigate to each tutorial.

So what do you think of these easy decorative balls for bowls? Is this something you could see yourself making? Let me know in the comments below!

patrioic dough bowl decorative balls

Be sure to pin for later!

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Easy Decorative Balls for Bowls | Patriotic Dough Bowl Centerpiece

This tutorial shows you how to make patriotic dough balls that will make any bowl centerpiece look festive.
Keyword: easy decorative balls for bowls, patriotic dough bowl centerpiece


  • 3 Dog Toy Balls
  • Jute Balls
  • Rustoleum Paint – red, white, and blue
  • Kilz Primer
  • Mini Flags
  • Patriotic Beads


  • Paint the decorative balls with primer.
  • Once the primer dries spray paint the balls a solid red, white and blue
  • Add dollar store finds to the dough bowl such as patriotic beads, stars, and flags.


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  1. This brought back a memory : I had 2 Ikea KNIPSA baskets that fit perfectly under a bench in my entrance way. I stored paper towels in them. Unfortunately my kitten started scratching through the square holes in the baskets! I bought 2 of the rope balls and painted them to match the baskets, tied them on the inside and no more holes in my paper towels! I love how you used them in your American Decor !

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