Vintage-Style Wood Block Photo Holder

I’m always on the hunt for cute ways to display family photos. This wood block photo holder is one of my favorite methods ever! Learn how you can make your own out of scrap wood and display pictures all over your home tastefully with vintage-style!

Vintage Wood Block Photo Holder Finished Look


supplies needed for THE Wood block photo holder

  • 5×7 wood block 
  • Jute
  • Family photo
  • Glue gun
  • Paint
  • Cup of water
  • Sandpaper
  • An embellishment of choice (see more below)

how to make a wood block photo holder

complete STEP by STep video tutorial is inside southern crush creative club vip membership here.

This project was crafted by Celebrity Crafter: Chasida Williams
Celebrity Crafter’s Blog: Custom Southern Co-Vintage Finds

What embellishments can i use?

A good embellishment is what makes this project extra fun! Here are some ideas you can use to jazz up your photo holder. 

  • wood beads
  • faux pearl
  • brooch 
  • faux flowers
  • faux greenery


Once you make this fun project, you’ll be displaying your family photos absolutely everywhere! Here are a few spots you can place this photo holder:

  • bedside table
  • bookshelves
  • console table
  • fireplace mantle
  • desk
  • picture ledge
  • kitchen counter
  • laundry room
  • bathroom

Other fun Ways to display photos include:

Vintage Wood Block Photo Holder DIY Pin


I especially love this project because there’s so much sentimental value!

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There are so many ways you can make this photo holder your own! I can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

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    1. southerncrush says:

      thank you so much!

  1. This is such a cute rustic craft. I can’t wait to try it.

  2. Inga MacArthur says:

    I have so many photos that need to be displayed. This is a beautiful way to do that. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity!

  3. Anna M Cecco says:

    Great ideas, I have lots of photos that need to be displayed!!

  4. Chan Berry says:

    Love your website.

  5. Love your creations. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sherry Schultz says:

    This she a cute idea….💜 it!

  7. Barbara Evans says:

    Cute idea. Thanks

  8. Carolyn Wilson says:

    I love this idea

  9. Karen Daughtry says:

    I’ve been wanting to make a photo block like this one. Sprinkled!

  10. Stelia McClain says:

    Love this charming and simple way to display photos.

  11. Lynn Furbish says:

    So simple, but such a pretty accent piece and awesome way to bring family photos into your decor!

  12. Super cute! I would love this idea with napkin or fabric mod podged onto it.

  13. Marion Patton says:

    I could do 7 and have one for each of my sons’ families. I’m always getting loose pictures, and too many to frame.

  14. I love messy bows, but I always forget the embellishments!

  15. Vicki Crochet says:

    This is precious!

  16. Christy Mitchell says:

    Oh I really love this! And this I can do! Thank you Melanie!

  17. marsha whitted says:

    Very cute idea!

  18. Cindy Goad says:

    I’m really looking forward to my second craft a thon!

  19. Suzanne Hodgdon says:

    super cute and so easy

  20. Tina Kisner says:

    I just love this pic frame! It’s out of the box!!! Lol!!

  21. Chris Bures says:

    I love this! I can’t wait to try it!

  22. Beverly Ebersole says:

    Love the photo holder will have to make this.

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