How to Make a Flip Flop Wreath (using MacKenzie Childs tissue paper)

We all know that summer is the time for flip-flops. But what about a flip-flop wreath to really show your love of the season?

This tutorial will show you how to make a flip flop wreath using tissue paper from MacKenzie Childs.

flip flop wreath on door

You all know how much I LOVE to make wreaths and this flip flop wreath may be my favorite one yet! It could be the adorable dollar store flip-flops that make it so adorable, or maybe it’s the MacKenzie Child’s tissue paper.

Whatever it is, you are going to love how simple this beauty is to make! So grab your supplies and let’s get started! But first, take a look at the Flip Flop Pool Towel Rack I just shared. It is simply adorable! And, if you are also a MacKenzie Child’s fan (like me) you don’t want to miss my DIY Dresser Makeover.

Supplies Needed to Make a Flip Flop Wreath

Step by Step Video Tutorial on How to Make a Flip Flop Wreath with MacKenzie Childs Tissue Paper

If you prefer to watch a step-by-step video tutorial on how to make a flip flop wreath with MacKenzie Child’s tissue paper, then watch the YouTube video below.

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How to Make a Flip Flop Wreath (with MacKenzie Childs Tissue Paper)

Step 1. Trace the flip flops

Start by tracing the flip flops onto the MacKenzie Child’s tissue paper to create a template.

tracing tissue paper

Step 2. Cut out the tissue paper

Cut out the traced flip flop template for each flip flop. Don’t forget that there is a right and left foot so there will need to be two templates.

cutting tissue paper

Step 3. Mark the center of flip flop

Use a pencil to mark where the three parts of the flip flop thongs are.

using pencil on flip flops

Step 4. Cut allowances in the tissue paper

Use your scissors to trim the tissue paper to allow the flip flop thong portion to fit.

cutting tissue paper off flip flop

Step 5. Add mod podge

Use a foam brush to add mod podge to the flip flops and secure the cut tissue paper.

adding mod podge to flip flops

Step 6. Top Coat with Mod Podge

Add mod podge to each tissue paper-covered flip flop with your foam brush.

adding Mackenzie Childs tissue paper to flip flop

Step 7. Cover with gold wax

Use your finger to cover the flip flop thongs with pretty gilded gold wax.

adding gold to flip flops

You can also run gold wax along the MacKenzie Child’s tissue paper to really highlight the details.

Step 8. Hot glue to wreath

Now you want to hot glue the covered flip flops to the foam wreath base. I used 8 flip flops to cover my wreath base.

gluing flip flops to wreath base

Step 9. Add a glass plate for weight

Turn the wreath over and add a glass plate to weight the back of the foam base. This should help the flip-flops to adhere securely.

back of flip flop wreath

Step 10. Attach greenery

Once the glue has dried, add faux greenery around the flip flop wreath. You can trim the greenery with wire cutters.

adding greenery to wreath

Step 11. Secure the gold mirror centerpiece

To really make this flip flop wreath pop, I added a gold and black mirror from Dollar Tree to the center of the wreath.

securing gold flower to wreath

Step 12. Cover the center with tissue paper

While you can certainly leave the mirror as is on the wreath, I decided to add something a little extra.

Cut a circle of tissue paper to fit the center of the mirror and secure it with Mod Podge.

adding tissue paper to center of wreath

Step 13. Hot glue a wood flower

Now hot glue a pretty wood flower to the center for an extra embellishment.

gluing flower

Take a step back and admire your craftiness!

close up of finished flip flop wreath

Just look at how stunning this MacKenzie Childs-inspired wreath looks on my front door. It is such a unique wreath that really has that wow factor.

sideview of wreath on door

The harlequin print really pops with the wood and iron front door and the greenery gives it softness.

full door view of flip flop wreath

The next time you’re at the dollar store, pick up some flip flops so you can make your own unique flip flop wreath!

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What can I put on the front door instead of a wreath?

Thanks for stopping by. Happy summer!

How to Make a Flip Flop Wreath (using MacKenzie Childs tissue paper)

Using some MacKenzie Childs tissue paper and a few basic supplies, you can have this wreath made in no time.
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  • Trace the flip flops onto the tissue paper.
  • Cut out the template for each flip flop.
  • Secure tissue paper to flip flops with Mod Podge.
  • Add gold gilding wax to each flip flop.
  • Hot glue flip flops to wreath base.
  • Attach greenery around the wreath.
  • Secure acrylic plate to back of wreath.
  • Hot glue gold medallion to center of wreath.
  • Cut a circle of tissue paper for the center of the wreath and attach with Mod Podge.
  • Attach wood flower to the wreath center.
  • Hang and enjoy.

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