Dollar General Popshelf vs. Dollar Tree Plus: Which is the Best Bargain?

It finally happened! I visited my local DG Market Popshelf store and found that when it comes to finding bargains while not skimping on quality, savvy shoppers like you and I have more choices than ever. Two choices that are often brought up nowadays are Dollar General Popshelf vs. Dollar Tree Plus.

Both brands are diving into the upscale discount shopping arena, but they each bring something unique to the table.

Let’s unravel these two shopping experiences to see which might be the best fit for our sophisticated yet budget-conscious shopping style.

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Dollar General Popshelf vs. Dollar Tree Plus: The Comparison

Dollar General launched a new brand of stores called Popshelf to provide a more upscale shopping experience for customers seeking premium options.

Dollar Tree has introduced their own version of premium options with their Dollar Tree Plus concept. These stores are meant target wealthier, suburban shoppers.

The Rise of Upscale Discount Stores

In recent years, there’s been a noticeable shift in the discount retail landscape. More and more, shoppers are looking for places that combine the thrill of bargain hunting with an elevated shopping experience.

This is where Dollar General’s Popshelf and Dollar Tree Plus come into play. Both are expanding the horizons of what it means to shop “on the cheap” without compromising the quality and environment of the stores.

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What is DG Market Popshelf?

DG Market Popshelf is a newer entrant into the upscale discount market. The concept behind Popshelf is quite fascinating—it’s designed to offer customers a boutique-like shopping experience with a vast array of items priced around $5-15.

The store layout is bright and cheerful, with an emphasis on fun and discovery.

The product assortment at Popshelf includes home décor, party supplies, beauty products, and seasonal items, all curated to appeal to a more affluent, suburban demographic.

There is a great arts and crafts section, too!

The charm of Popshelf lies in its ability to provide an aesthetic shopping environment that feels more like a specialty store than a discount outlet.

The stores are typically located in suburban shopping centers, which makes them easily accessible for a quick stop to pick up trendy and upscale items at very reasonable prices.

Exploring Dollar Tree Plus

On the other side of the coin, we have Dollar Tree Plus. Dollar Tree, a well-known name in the dollar-store world, introduced Dollar Tree Plus as a section within their existing stores where items are priced above the traditional $1.25.

dollar tree storefront

This section features an expanded selection of products including more groceries, home essentials, and seasonal decor, with prices slightly higher than $1.25 but still very affordable.

dollar tree plus signage

Dollar Tree Plus aims to provide more variety and better-quality items that still align with the brand’s commitment to value.

It’s perfect for shoppers who are already fans of Dollar Tree’s rock-bottom prices but are looking to find items that are a notch above the typical dollar store fare.

Comparing Shopping Experiences

The shopping experience at Popshelf and Dollar Tree Plus can differ quite a bit. Popshelf’s layout and design are geared towards creating a more engaging and delightful shopping experience.

It’s all about exploring and finding hidden gems at a low cost. The store atmosphere is designed to encourage leisurely browsing, with displays that are often changed to highlight new finds and seasonal goods.

Dollar Tree Plus, while offering some upgraded products, still retains the traditional Dollar Tree layout. The focus here is on value and convenience rather than ambiance.

The sections are clearly marked, and the environment is more functional. It’s ideal for budget-focused shoppers who prioritize savings over store design.

Product Quality and Variety

Both Popshelf and Dollar Tree Plus offer products that exceed expectations for discount retail. Popshelf’s items tend to be trendier and more aligned with current home and lifestyle trends, making it a great spot for finding decorative items and gifts.

Dollar Tree Plus, while slightly more utilitarian, has expanded its offerings to include more basic products, making it a reliable place for everyday needs.

Who Should Shop Where?

If you love the thrill of discovering trendy, boutique-style items at low prices, Popshelf might be your new favorite shopping destination. It’s suited for shoppers who enjoy a leisurely browse and are looking for items that add a touch of whimsy and style to their lives without breaking the bank.

Conversely, if your focus is primarily on stretching your dollar as far as it can go while still finding some upgraded products, Dollar Tree Plus will meet your needs. It’s perfect for regular Dollar Tree shoppers looking for a little more variety and quality.

planter pots


Both Dollar General’s Popshelf and Dollar Tree Plus offer unique approaches to upscale discount shopping. Your choice will depend on what you value more: the shopping experience and trendiness of products at Popshelf or the unbeatable prices and practical product selection at Dollar Tree Plus.

Why not visit both and see which one wins a place in your shopping routine? After all, a savvy shopper knows that the real joy comes from finding that perfect blend of price, quality, and experience. Happy shopping!

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