Chunky Loop Hand-Knit Blanket for Beginners

Warm up this winter with a gorgeous chunky hand-knit blanket using loop-it yarn! This easy technique is perfect for beginners and only takes a few hours to complete on a weekend.

Plus, the chunky yarn makes this blanket extra cozy and irresistible. They also make the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, and more!

So grab your favorite colors of loop-it yarn and a pair of scissors to get started on your new handmade blanket today!

finished chunky yarn blanket draped in basket

I couldn’t wait to share this hand-knit blanket tutorial with you! You’ve probably seen these beauties all over Pinterest but weren’t quite sure if you could make your own.

Well, I’m happy to tell you that not only can you make your own, but it’s super simple too!

Another great thing about this blanket is you don’t need knitting needles. This loop-it yarn is made for finger knitting. And, let me tell you it is slightly addictive. 😃

Basically, you pull one loop through another to “knit” the yarn into a blanket. Let me get to the details so you can learn how to make your own.

Supplies Needed for Chunky Loop Hand-Knit Blanket

All the supplies needed can be found HERE in my Amazon Shop!

How much yarn do I need for a loop blanket?

If you’re using the loop-it yarn as I did, you’ll need 6-7 skeins which will make about a 50x60inch throw blanket. Be sure to grab the yarn when it’s on sale so you get the best price!

What yarn is best for a chunky hand-knit blanket?

  • Loop it yarn 100% polyester is my choice for its softness, tight-knit stitches, and built-in loops for beginners like me.
  • Soft Chunky Chenille yarn is oh-so cozy and has larger spacing between stitches; however, you must create your own loops. 
  • Merino Wool yarn is very luxurious looking but expensive, non-washable, and snags easily.
  • Tube Yarn gives a modern look and is washable and super soft but pricey and heavyweight. 

Any of these large yarns will work for making a chunky blanket. It’s truly up to your budget and personal preference.

loop it finger looping yarn for chunky blanket

How long does it take to make a loop yarn blanket?

That depends on what size chunky knit blanket you decide to make. I made a fairly simple finger-knit blanket with 6 skeins of the loop it yarn and it took me about 5 or 6 hours with a couple of breaks.

How to Make a Chunky Knit Blanket Step-by-Step

Step 1.

Start by counting out your row of loops. This will determine the size of your blanket.

counting out row of loops

There are so many beautiful colors of loop-it yarn available. I went with warm and neutral shades. I’m thinking of making another one for spring in soft pastel shades. Wouldn’t that be pretty?

Step 2.

Once you have your loops counted out, use a bobby pin to mark the end of the loop yarn row. Trust me when I say this is a timesaver!

bobby pin for marking end of loop yarn row

Step 3.

Next up, use your fabric scissors to snip the first two loops on the end to create an end piece for tying off. This is so much easier than knitting with needles.

snipping loop to create an end piece for tying

Step 4.

Get started by making a slip knot. This will be your first stitch. This is done by just tucking the upper loop in through the lower loop.

tucking upper loop through lower loop

Step 5.

Then pull the loop through to complete a hand-knit stitch. You want to pull it tight, but not too tight.

This type of yarn is made for finger looping so it is super easy to work with.

pulling loop through to complete hand knit stitch

Once you get the first couple of rows completed, the rest will be a breeze! You’re hand knitting! Can you believe it is this easy? 

I’m thinking of trying out arm knitting next. It seems like another good hand knitting technique for beginners. If it’s this easy, I may get hooked on making blankets of all kinds for all occasions.

Repeat the looping process until you run out of the loop it yarn.

Step 6.

Cut a single loop to reveal a strand that you can use to tie on the new skein of the loop it yarn. Do the same to the end of the new skein of yarn.

Now you want to tie off the loop it yarn where the two ends meet.

tying off loop yarn where two ends meet

Step 7.

How to Finish a Chunky Hand-Knit Loop Yarn Blanket

Once the blanket is complete; you’ll want to create a finished edge look across the top of the blanket. This really makes a difference, especially if you are gifting your blanket.

Ending the blanket is also called casting off or binding off the end of the finger knit blanket. It’s really easy to do.

Take each loop and thread it through the next across all four edges to reveal a simple pattern shown below.

Once you get to the end of the row, snip the last loop at the corner and weave the yarn back through the back of the blanket to bury it into the pattern.

finished edge look across top of blanket

Step 8.

As a finishing touch; you’ll also want to trim the end pieces on the back of your chunky blanket where the end of one skein met the start of another.

Tuck any loops that were accidentally missed into the adjacent yarn to blend them in as well. (No one will know and it will be our little secret.)

trimming end pieces on back of chunky blanket

This will make the blanket finished on both sides and look professional.

Chunky Loop Hand-Knit Blanket

That’s all there is to it. Your beautiful hand-knit blanket is ready to adorn your sofa or bed. There really is nothing quite like curling up with one of these knit blankets on a chilly day.

close up of finished chunky blanket pattern

While this chunky blanket would make a thoughtful gift idea, it might be hard to give away. You will definitely want to make one for yourself too. Do you know someone with a baby on the way? This would make a perfect baby blanket. Soft pastel colors would be lovely!

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

If you want to see the exact step-by-step process, be sure to check out this video tutorial below over on my YouTube Channel! 

Chunky Loop Hand Knit Blanket Pin image

Chunky knit blankets are warm and comforting, and there’s nothing quite like curling up with one of these cozy handmade gems, a cup of hot tea, and a good book on a chilly winter day.

Now that you have your gorgeous blanket made, you want to take care of it. Here are some tips to ensure you can enjoy this beauty for years to come!

How to Keep Your Blanket Clean

  • Your chunky knit blanket should only be cleaned every 3 months. Too much washing can actually damage the blanket.
  • You can also spot clean your blanket. Use a drop of dishwashing liquid, let it set on the spot for about 10 minutes, then blot it away with a paper towel or cloth. After washing, lay it flat to dry.

Tips for Cleaning a Chunky Knit Blanket

  • Do not wash in hot water or use bleach on a hot setting. This may cause the blanket to discolor, shrink, or unravel.
  • The proper way to clean a chunky knit blanket depends on the type of yarn used. If you use the same loop-it yarn I used, it can be washed in the washing machine in cold or warm water. Dry it on low heat.
  • If you use 100 percent wool, a cold water hand wash is best. You can lay it flat to dry.
  • A roving blanket, or very delicate wool, must be dry-cleaned. You don’t want to take a chance by machine washing.

I hope you enjoyed this hand-knit blanket. Let me know if you make your own by leaving a comment below.

Chunky Hand-Knit Blanket

Learn how to make a gorgeous chunky knit blanket using loop-it yarn. No knitting needles required!
Cuisine: chunky knit blanket, diy, hand knit, loop it yarn


  • Fabric Scissors



  • Start by counting out your row of loops.
  • Once you have your row lined up, use a bobby pin to mark the end of the loop yarn row.
  • Use your fabric scissors to snip the loop to create an end piece for tying.
  • Tie off the loop yarn where the two ends meet. 
  • Pull the loop through to complete a hand-knit stitch.
  • Repeat this same process of cutting each end and looping the yarn.
  • Tuck the upper loop through the lower loop.
  • Trim the end pieces on the back of your chunky blanket.



  1. Elizabeth Davis says:

    I love the blanket. I am going to make ine

    1. southerncrush says:

      Excellent! I’m so glad!

    2. I’m excited. I saw a tutorial about using the loop yarn several years ago. Luckily we only bought 2 oks because even though the blogger tried – it was kind of confusing. I’m sure how long I would last. I’ve had issues with my hands in the past.

  2. This is cute! I tried knitting several years ago…nothing but simple scarves, but I had trouble with the knitting because I have issues in my hands…so it became painful if I knitted too long. I wonder if this method would be easier on my hands. At some point, I may get brave enough to give it a go. Thank you for sharing.

    1. southerncrush says:

      You’re so welcome! I hope this method works for you!

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  4. Rhonda Knoll says:

    How many loops are used for a standard blanket?

    1. southerncrush says:

      I’m not sure what you’re asking, but my blanket took 6-7 skeins which will make about a 50x60inch throw blanket.

  5. Casey Korn says:

    Confused on step 1. How do we know how many loops/rows to count out? I’m assuming this varies by size but no explanation was given.

    1. southerncrush says:

      This definitely depends on how large you want your blanket to be. The average size blanket is made with 15-25 loops, I made mine using 20 total.

  6. Janice Wagner says:

    what is the “color name of your Red Heart Loop-it yarn ? can’t find the varigated colors on amazon

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