Best Blue Gray Paint Colors for Your Home

Looking for the perfect blue gray paint color? These seven colors are some of the best blue gray and greige paint colors on the market, and they’ll look great in any room.

See how my bathroom cabinets turned out HERE.

painting over primer on bathroom cabinets

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Blue Gray Paint Samples

When you are trying to find the best blue gray paint color, it is important to get samples of each color before making your final decision. This will allow you to see how the color looks in your space and decide if it is the right choice for you.

Paint samples are available at most hardware and home improvement stores. You can also find paint samples to try out online at many paint retailers’ websites. But I’ve got an easier solution for you–peel and stick paint samples from Samplize!

Samplize is a great option for those who want to try out a paint color before purchasing it. Samplize offers peel and stick paint samples that can be applied to your walls. This way, you can see how the color looks in your space without having to commit to painting your entire room. They’re literally genius!

Here are a few reasons Samplize is the way to go:

  • The samples come right to your doorstep in just 1-3 business days, depending on location
  • They’re more affordable than the samples/brushes/foam boards and of course easier and way less messy
  • If you keep the samples on the white paper they come on and just use tape to hold them up, you can move them from wall to wall and room to room
  • They are amazingly color accurate as they are made with 2 coats of real paint, so they are color correct.

When choosing a paint sample, be sure to get a few different colors to compare. This will help you narrow down your choices and find the perfect blue gray paint color for your space.

There are so many variations of light blue paint colors, grayish blue, grayish blue color, and grey paint ideas that I hope this post is helpful to you.

Best Blue Gray Paint Colors PIN image

Best Blue Gray Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams’ Light French Gray

Sherwin Williams’ Light French Gray is the color I have throughout my house! It is a great choice for those who want a blue gray paint color that is truly neutral. It has a warm white-gray base with subtle cool undertones.

final image of double hung glass french barn doors
Sherwin Williams Light French Gray 0055

Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue

Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue is the color I used in my kitchen on my kitchen cabinets and I love the perfect pop of blue without the harsh undertones.

Sherwin Williams Smokey Blue 7604
Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue7604

I recently used the leftover paint I had in this same color to paint my bathroom cabinets as well! This is how they turned out below.

final how to paint bathroom cabinets

Sherwin-Williams’ Repose Gray

Sherwin-Williams’ Repose Gray is a classic gray blue that works well in any space. It’s a versatile color that has been around for a while and can be used on walls, trim, or even cabinetry.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray bedroom
credit: HGTV
Sherwin Williams Repose Gray 7015

Farrow & Ball’s Parma Gray

Farrow & Ball’s Parma Gray is another great option for those looking for a blue gray paint color. It has a slightly cooler tone than Repose Gray, making it a good choice for rooms with cooler tones.

Farrow & Ball's Parma Gray Kitchen
credit: Farrow & Ball
Farrow & Ball Parma Gray 27

PPG Paints’ Iceberg

PPG Paints’ Iceberg is a beautiful blue gray that mimics ice. It’s perfect for creating a unique and stylish space.

PPG Iceberg PPG1164-2 Bedroom
credit: PPG
PPG Iceberg PPG1164-2

Sherwin Williams Granite Peak

I don’t believe there is a more perfect blend of blue and gray out there than this Granite Peak paint color by Sherwin Williams. It’s a great shade to add to any space or even a home’s exterior as shown below!

Sherwin Williams Granite Peak (6250) exterior paint
credit: Pinterest
Sherwin Williams Granite Peak (6250)

Benjamin Moore Mt. Ranier Gray

Finally, Benjamin Moore Mt. Ranier Gray is a beautiful light blue gray. It’s perfect for creating a serene and relaxing space. It is a pale blue when in natural light.

Mt. Rainier Gray (2129-60) Bedroom
credit: Homebunch
Mt. Rainier Gray (2129-60)

There are so many blue gray paint colors to choose from; however, I wanted to share with you what I think are the best blue gray paint colors.

At the end of the day, there so many great options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect color for your space.

Once you’ve found the perfect blue gray paint color, the next step is to start painting! Follow the instructions on your paint can for the best results.

But here are a few additional painting tips:

A Few Painting Tips

  • First, be sure to take a photo of any wall decor so that you can remember the placement when it’s time to hang everything back up!
  • Start with a clean slate: Be sure to clean your walls and remove any dirt or dust before painting. This will help the paint adhere better to the surface.
  • Use painter’s tape along the trimmed sections: This will help you create clean lines and edges.
  • Use a primer first if covering dark paint with light paint: This will help the paint last longer and provide better coverage.
  • Paint in thin, smooth layers: This will help the paint dry evenly and prevents streaks.
  • Let the paint dry completely: Be sure to allow the paint to dry completely before adding any furniture or accessories back into the room.

Top Recommended Paint Supplies

  1. Paint Brush – This is my recommendation as the BEST paint brush for the most accurate edging and it lasts forever if you keep it cleaned well.
  2. Painter’s Tape – This item is a must-have when painting trim and doing walls. Even with the best precise paintbrush, you need tape.
  3. Drop Cloths – You’ll need this for sure when doing any painting. It’s better to have plenty than not enough and constantly moving them around.
  4. Paint roller kit – this includes a tray. Use the brush for the edges and the roller for main areas of the wall (and ceiling).
  5. Color Decks– These handy fans of color choices come with complete colors from each brand Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore! No more trips back to the paint store for color strips.

Where can you use blue gray paint colors?

One of the best spaces to use blue-gray paint colors are in the bedroom. Because blue promotes calmness and relaxation, it only makes sense to use it in the bedroom where you go to unwind and fall asleep at the end of each day.

And since it’s neutral with only a hint of color, it doesn’t feel overpowering if you keep the rest of your bedding and linens neutral.

On the same note, blue gray paint colors are also a great option in guest bathrooms or master bathrooms for the very same reason they are serene and peaceful. If you want to create a spa-like feel in your bathroom, blue-grays are perfect.

Blue Gray colours are perfect if you are looking to add the popular Coastal Grandmother theme to your decor style.

Do Blue and Gray go together?

Yes. Blue and gray are both cool colors and go together well. Different people have different thoughts when they say blue gray or gray blue. 

They even spell it blue grey or grey blue, too! Both are correct.

Hopefully, you can find at least one bluish gray that you love out of these that I’ve shared with you.

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collage of blue and white area rugs


  1. In my opininion, when choosing a blue-gray paint color for your home, it’s important to consider the lighting and surrounding decor of the space. With the right shade and accents, you can create a beautiful and inviting home that you’ll love for years to come.

    Hope this helps, and happy painting!

    1. southerncrush says:

      Thanks for the extra tips!

  2. Hi. The house exterior looks more blue than the Granite Peak sample shown. Are we sure that’s the same color? I’m re-doing the exterior of my home and love that blue on the house!

    1. southerncrush says:

      Sometimes online colors vary. Good luck with your project, I know it’ll look wonderful!

    2. Hi! That’s actually my house. And yes, it’s granite peak. Good luck! : )

      1. southerncrush says:

        WOW! That’s awesome! Thank you for letting us know! It looks great!

      2. Laurie Blessed says:

        Can you tell me the name of stone used? We love it and hope to duplicate

      3. Can you tell me the name of the stone please

  3. Glenda Malowany says:

    What color is your door and the shutters?

    1. I have an entire post on just that! You can find it here 👇👇

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