Here’s a Quick Way to Repurpose Starbucks Drink Bottles

If you love Starbucks, then you may love this quick Starbucks Drink Bottle DIY! Like several other people, it took me a bit to warm up to Starbucks coffee.  But once I did, I instantly had my favorite Starbucks drinks, iced coffee and frappaccinos!  One of those Starbucks drink recipes includes their famous “cold brew” (See below).Starbucks Drink Bottle DIY pin


I hated to waste these gorgeous amber colored bottles once they were emptied.  I love the imprint on the top of the bottles that give them such a ‘vintage’ feel. 

here’s a quick way to repurpose starbucks drink bottles

I decided to re-purpose them into a cute trio of vases for my kitchen window sill instead!  This was a simple, quick and easy DIY that I’m sure you’ll love!

What you’ll need to re-purpose starbucks drink bottles

super easy instructions

  1. Drink your Starbucks Cold Brew–LOL!  That’s the best part!  You can use my recipe here: half a bottle of cold brew, a little half and half and 2 squirts of sugar free vanilla syrup!  VIOLA!  It makes the best Sugar Free Iced Coffee in my honest opinion!
  2. Remove the sticker label.  Now I’ll be the first to say that this was not the easiest of tasks; however, here’s what I found worked for me.  Peel off the label.
  3. Smear a mixture of Dawn dish washing liquid and a little sprinkling of baking soda over the section of the bottle where the sticker was.
  4. Let sit about 2 hours. Go make something else or enjoy your Starbucks Drink! LOL
  5. Come back and use the scouring side of these blue sponges to slowly get the remaining ‘gunk’ off the bottle.
  6. Wipe clean and they’re ready to use.
  7. Place a flower arrangement of your choice in them or use them just the way they are.
  8. You can add twine or ribbon around the neck of the bottle and even a cute tag if you desire.  The possibilities are endless.


Viola!  Starbucks bottle DIY here’s a quick way to repurpose starbucks drink bottleshere’s a quick way to repurpose starbucks drink bottles

side note:

I love it when they get my name right on my Starbucks drink… don’t you? I mean it’s pretty rare, especially, since my name isn’t all that common.  I’ve had any combination of misspellings including complete other names like Melissa, Michelle, and Melinda.

here’s a quick way to repurpose starbucks drink bottles

My favorite sweet treat is the frozen Caramel Frappaccino with extra caramel of course!

here’s a quick way to repurpose starbucks drink bottles


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  1. Janice Hillman says:

    What a great way to reuse and recycle.
    Thank you Melanie for all of your Diy’s

  2. Ty soo much for the Starbucks blogger gift!😊❤️

  3. Love this❤️❤️❤️ Such a great idea.

  4. Ardel Fugleberg says:

    Love those amber bottles and white flowers.

  5. Lisa Hill-Oster says:

    So cute! But I don’t like coffee so I’ll have to find someone that does.

  6. Those are stinking cute bottles. I have not seen those in stores here in Iowa.

  7. Tina McGready says:

    Thank you for the coffee! Love all your ideas!

  8. Janet Idziak says:

    Thank you so much, love these bottles. Thank you for the free Starbucks gift.

  9. Linda Newby says:

    Oh those Starbucks bottles are awesome. And there Starbucks card is a great gift. Thank you

  10. LOVE these!! ….and 1971 is the year I was born 💕bonus🙂

    1. Shawn Howell says:

      Me tooooo!! 71 baby!

  11. Diana Karolak says:

    Thanks for the coffee

  12. Michelle Thompson says:

    Thanks for the recipe. Love Starbucks and thank you for a great way to reuse the bottles. Can’t wait to try this!!

  13. Sue Champion says:

    Love your crafts ideas and your pleasant personality.

  14. Lauren Harris says:

    You’re amazing! Love reading your blog and watching you!!!!!

  15. Lauren Harris says:

    You’re amazing! Love your blog and your lives. You always inspire me with your talent and your faith.

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