Easy Pool Storage Box Restoration DIY

We spend tons of our time outside during the warm Texas summer months.  We are so very grateful to have a nice pool to dip into when it gets too hot.  With owning and maintaining a pool comes “all the things” and so our pool storage box outside gets a ton of use.  It’s where we store everything from our pool’s unsightly vacuum equipment to the nasty smelling chemicals for the pool.  It’s exposed to the outdoor elements day in and day out.  It has been known to double as a ‘catch-all’ of sorts because of it’s location.  Apparently, certain things have been left outside sitting on it’s top that have also rusted before being removed.  Let’s just say a makeover or renovation for this pool storage box was long over due. See how easy this pool storage box makeover was to do below…



POOL BOX MAKEOVER Step by Step Instructions

  1. First I cleaned off the top of the box with a damp paper towel.  Who am I kidding, it was almost an entire roll of paper towels it was so filthy!  LOL.
  2. Once dry, I used a liberal amount of chalk-type paint to paint just the top surface of the box making sure to thoroughly cover all of the stains.
  3. Allow to dry over night.
  4. Taking the Moroccan inspired tile stencil, I placed it first in the center of the project and proceeded to squeegee on the chalk type paste.  I chose the color navy as it matched our pool furniture accent color.pool-storage-box-diy-application
  5. Working quickly, I removed the stencil and washed it with warm water and allowed it to dry between sections.
  6. I went back and completed the stencils on either side of the middle tile until the design was complete.pool-storage-box-diy-reveal
  7. Allow to dry overnight.
  8. Since the pool storage box would be outside, I decided to seal the design with a quick couple of coats of clear spray sealer.

If you missed the two part live tutorial, view it below.



VIOLA!  Pool Storage Box Makeover

The before and after photos on this one really shocked me because it was so easy to do. I have no idea why I ever put this DIY project off for so long!


I was super pumped that the color of chalk paint matched the pool storage box perfectly!  Even if that was all that would’ve been done, it would’ve been amazing.  The addition of the navy Moroccan inspired tile design was just the cherry on top for this project!  It was so very easy and turned out so beautiful that can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner!  Now we can entertain with confidence again without having to look over at the poor pool storage box with all of it’s stains.

Every time I complete a makeover of sorts, it reminds me of how God has made me over, too! I love how it says in 2 Corinthians 5:17 “with Christ, all things are made new.”  How awesome is that?Pool storage box makeover pin


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  1. Charlene Toth says:

    Love how the pool box turned out. Looks wonderful. I have flown over Texas many times and never saw a state with more pools. It’s like everyone seemed to have a pool. I live in Ohio and not as many people have pools. Thanks for sharing the yard and sunsets. In Ohio Hobby Lobby finally Opened! Just had to tell you I raced there. Lol… You have me so hooked on the black and white buffalo check. I got a bunny and a runner for my table with Burlap bunnies on it. Ribbon l, place mats… all buffalo check. So excited all at 80% off. Even bead tassels with a plain cross on them for 1.80 each. Woohoo. So much more to buy on the next trip. Thanks for sharing.
    Take care Charlene

  2. Ardel Fugleberg says:

    This project looks great!!

  3. Love how this turned out! I’ve been wanting to try stenciling one of our walls.

  4. So smart! I love & prefer to reuse things so I can spend my money on art & craft supplies! 😉

  5. Beth Harrington says:

    Wow! Beautiful, I love it. I don’t do many crafts but love watching your creations. I mostly just crochet.

    1. southerncrush says:

      Thank you so much!

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