Modern Farmhouse Gallery Wall Ideas

Create a stunning modern farmhouse gallery wall in just a few minutes with these easy home decor ideas. There’s so much room for creativity!

What’s better than a farmhouse styled gallery wall? How about a buffalo check, farmhouse gallery wall! After months of collecting just the right pieces, finally, the day came to put it all together in true gallery wall fashion. It actually seems like I put it off for weeks; but in hindsight, I was just waiting to complete the projects needed to make this wall a reality.

Follow along to find out the exact steps you need to design your own gallery wall!Buffalo Check Farmhouse Styled Gallery Wall preview angle

Farmhouse Gallery Wall Ideas

I know the feeling – you have a ton of really cute stuff that you want to put on your wall, but you don’t know how to put it up so that it looks good together. My own gallery wall took a TON of planning. When I was finished, I knew I wanted to share my steps and tips with you so that you can create your own cute wall. 

Behind The Scenes Video Of Farmhouse Gallery Wall Plans 

There was a lot of planning that went on behind the scenes of this gallery wall project. It was not for the faint of heart. I shot a little Instagram Story to share the plans on the big day! 

If you missed it (since they’re only available for 24 hours), here ya go!

What To Hang On Your Farmhouse Gallery Wall

Here are some ideas of things you can add to your gallery wall. I highly recommend having some fun shopping at Hobby Lobby, Target, or even your local thrift store. You never know what you are going to find! 

  • Two cute rustic, farmhouse style lanterns from one of my favorite sites DECOR STEALS.
  • An upcycled cross with buffalo check quilt material I made in a previous blog post here.
  • An architectural piece I painted live over on the Facebook Page here.
  • A “Blessed” wreath tray project we completed over in my private group Southern Crush Creative Club VIP.
  • A few finishing touches from Hobby Lobby.
  • Random estate sale “finds”.

Buffalo Check Farmhouse Styled Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall Tips 

This is my favorite part!

As I built my wall I discovered some hacks and shortcuts that saved me a lot of time and worry. I hope they help you out too. 

gallery wall clear thumbtacks

Tip #1 – Use Thumbtacks To Hang Pictures On The wall 

One secret is that I used all clear thumbtacks to hang everything on the wall! We had just had our entire house textured and painted; therefore, holes were the last thing we wanted to put in the wall!

They were super easy to use and if (when) I messed up “eye-balling” where I was going to place something, I simply unpinned it and re-pinned it in the right spot! 

Tip #2 – Use An Imaginary line to create a cohesive look 

Another secret is that I used an “imaginary” line in the middle of all the pieces to create a cohesive look even though each piece is clearly hung at differing heights. This was all done without a measuring tape or a level, much to my husband’s dismay. 

Tip #3 – Use Tape To Mark Hanger locations 

An easy trick is to attach some tape to the back of your picture and mark where your holes need to go with a sharpie and then remove the tape and place the tape on the wall and insert your anchors, then remove the tape and hang your piece!

Tip #4 – Draw Out Your Gallery Wall On Paper 

A final secret is where I draw my plan out on paper prior to hanging anything. Then, I traced each piece onto craft paper and arranged it on the wall using blue painter’s tape. This was super helpful until I actually started hanging things. LOL! 

In real life, I changed my mind a million times if I didn’t think it looked right in the end.

Favorite Gallery Wall Ideas

So my inspiration came from several sources, but mainly from Pinterest.  I even made a special board named “Gallery Wall Inspiration.” Check it out below. gallery-wall-inspiration-pinterest

Deer Antlers on Farmhouse Gallery Wall 

I have several favorite ideas, but I have to say that the antler art is high on that list! It was super fun and easy to add, once I had my hubby’s permission to use his vintage antlers that were from 1965 (they were a gift, he’s not that old).

Faux Flower on the wall

I framed them and hot glued a fun faux flower from Hobby Lobby to the center. I finished them off with a fun black and white knitted ball garland from Hobby Lobby to try and tie in some of the buffalo check colors!

Buffalo Check Farmhouse Styled Gallery Wall preview antlers

Wooden DIY Tray 

The DIY wooden tray project with the awesome buffalo check poster board paper from Hobby Lobby was my second favorite part of the farmhouse style gallery wall! I love how the green wreath I painted pops and really brings your eye in for a closer look at the word “blessed.”

We are so blessed and I think having this as part of the wall will really serve as a constant visual reminder.

Should Gallery Wall Frames Match? 

No, frames don’t have to match. That’s the beauty of a gallery wall. You are free to mix and match textures, shapes, and prints. I’ve seen stunning gallery walls where all the frames do match – so if that’s your style, then go for it! 

Free Gallery Wall Design guide

Are you still unsure about creating your own gallery wall? I know the feeling – especially when you have a bazillion other things clamoring for your attention. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

I created a free gallery wall design guide. Grab the free design guide BELOW. It comes with a template for the ideal size and placement. I did all the work for you, go grab it! 

 Buffalo Check Farmhouse Gallery wall

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>>Leave your thoughts below in the comments, please… BTW— Life is short—Enjoy the mess! I hope you try to put together a gallery wall for yourself, it can really add interest to any room!  

**P.S. Please join us over on our Facebook Page to see more fun projects “Live”.


  1. Wendy Goppert says:

    I LOVE it! It is all matchy matchy but all different. Thank you for sharing!! ?

  2. Donna Little says:

    It’s beautiful !! I hope to someday to try your ideas . Love watching you ?

    1. southerncrush says:

      Awe thank you! Don’t wait until “someday” though, start now! ?

  3. Rita Rosencranz says:

    It turned out awesome

  4. Phyllis Roberts says:

    I wish I still had the picture of my two chairs and table. They were almost exactly like yours except they were Leopard fabric. Same table, same set up only in front of a large picture window in our last house. I loved them and hated to part with them. Love your wall and am happy to now be following you!

  5. What a lovely blog post full of incredibly helpful info for my home. I anxiously await my gallery wall guide so my wall does not look like a 2 year old did it!! Thank you so much.

  6. Christy Mitchell says:

    I use the clear pins too! Makes it so much easier to move things around when you want a change!

  7. Pam Ruggieri says:

    Love it. Thank you for sharing

  8. Yvonne Rocha says:

    I love your wall! I have a square room and can’t wait to do my walk. Thank you so much for your ideas and tips. You are the best!

    1. southerncrush says:

      Awe! Thank you so much!

  9. Hi, I just joined the group and need to take in all the DIY tips before I can decide what will work. Thank you for sharing your wall, it’s very nice!

  10. Tweetybird says:

    Thank you for sharing I love the ideas and creativity you inspire me.

    1. southerncrush says:

      Awe thank you and you’re welcome!

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