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Facebook Video Library

Day 1 Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Scripture Wreath Watch HERE

pizza pan scripture wreath

Day 2 Upcycled thrift store find WELCOME sign Watch HERE

Thrifted WELCOME Sign

Day 3 DIY Stacked Bow with Dollar Tree Ribbon Watch HERE

DIY Stacked Bow

Day 4 Gilded Feathers Frame Watch HERE

Feathers Mold Frame

Day 5 Friday Favorites on Amazon Watch HERE

Amazon faves day 5

Day 6 Curb Appeal Updates Watch HERE

Day 7 Southern Crush Mug Candle Watch HERE

Day 8 Patina Pumpkin Watch HERE

Winners of a Patina Kit

Susan Waldinger

Lisa Lyon Russell

patina pumpkin

Day 9 Leopard Foiled Acorn Watch HERE

Day 10 Doily Bow Watch HERE

Winners of Doily Kits

  • Pam Koch Hunt
  • Tammy F Roy
  • Debbie Ronde Turner
Doily Bow

Day 11 LINT Ball Tin Thrift Flip Watch HERE Part 1

Winner of Dollar Tree Stickers

  • Regina Gentry Judd

Day 11 LINT Ball Tin Thrift Flip Watch HERE Part 2


Day 12 Friday Favorites for the Beach Watch HERE

Amazon Beach Faves Day 12

Day 13 YouTube Premiere

Day 14 Wood Slice Candle Pour Watch HERE

candle pouring kit

Day 15 Washi Tape Bookmarks Watch HERE

washi tape bookmarks

Day 16 Washi Tape Pencils will be re-recorded later (Facebook flagged it & removed it)

Day 16 Shopping at The Strand

Day 17 Washi Tape Bow Watch HERE

Day 18 Thrift Flip Basket Door Decor Watch HERE

thrift flip basket front door decor

Day 19 Friday Favorites Watch HERE

Day 20 Shop with Me Hobby Lobby Fall Decor Tour Watch HERE

Day 21 DIY Hen on a Nest Candle Pour

pouring a hen on a nest candle

Day 22 Be Grateful Pizza Pan Wreath Watch HERE

grateful pizza pan

Day 23 Etched Casserole Dish Watch HERE

a makers studio etching cream

Day 24 Pillowcase Rag Bow DIY Watch HERE

pillowcase rag bow

Day 25 My Amazon Favorites Watch HERE

Day 26 Come Shop with Me at Dollar Tree Watch HERE

Day 27 YouTube Video Premiere 3 Pizza Pans Watch Here

Day 28 Pioneer Woman Mug Candle DIY Watch HERE

  • Candle Making Kit
pioneer woman candle

Day 29 Sweater Weather Pizza Pan DIY Watch HERE

Winners of Leather Tags

  • Kimeri McGee
  • Shelley Lopez
  • Darlane Faye Henriquez
sweater weather pizza pan

Day 30 Dollar Tree Pumpkin Haul Watch HERE

Day 31 Layered Wired Fall Bow Watch HERE

youtube thumbnail

Day 32 Hobby Lobby Pumpkin Decor Watch HERE

hobby lobby pumpkin decor

Day 33 Friday Fab Five Watch HERE

friday fab five

Day 34 Dollar Tree Kraft Paper Pumpkin YouTube Video Watch HERE

youtube thumbnail

Day 35 Doily Pumpkin DIY Watch HERE

Doily craft

Day 36 Harvest Pumpkin DT Pizza Pan DIY Watch HERE

Harvest Pumpkin

Day 37 Always Crafting Sign DIY Watch HERE

Coffee and Crafting Sign

Day 38 Deco Mesh Loop Bow with Spider Watch HERE

Day 39 Squeegee Art Canvas DIY Watch HERE

squeegee art canvas

Day 40 Beauty Favorites WATCH HERE

Fab Five Beauty Edition

Day 41 Three Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Pumpkins WATCH HERE

Day 42 Loaf Candle Pour WATCH HERE

loaf candle

Day 43 Paper Bag Rose Wreath WATCH HERE

paper bag roses

Day 44 Buffalo Check Foils WATCH HERE

Buffalo Check Foils

Day 45 Burlap Raffia Bow WATCH HERE

burlap raffia bow

Day 46 Burlap Wreath WATCH HERE

welcome burlap wreath

Day 47 Amazon Fall Farmhouse Tablescape WATCH HERE

Find them all here (aff link) 👇👇https://www.southerncrushathome.com/fabfive

amazon fall farmhouse table finds

Day 48 Boo Basket DIY YouTube WATCH HERE

Day 49 DT Haul + Tiered Tray Decor WATCH HERE

  • Enter to Win Tiered Tray HERE
Tiered Tray Decor

Day 50 DT Pizza Pan Pumpkin Pedestal WATCH HERE

Black Pumpkin Pizza Pan Riser

Day 51 DT Buffalo Check Pumpkin WATCH HERE

buffalo check ribbon

Day 52 Dollar Tree Leaf Bow WATCH HERE

DT Leaf bow

Day 53 Vintage Shopping Finds WATCH HERE

Day 54 Top Navy Blue Amazon Finds WATCH HERE

Join me next time on Amazon LIVE HERE 👇👇 https://www.southerncrushathome.com/amazonlive

Find them all here (aff link) 👇👇https://www.southerncrushathome.com/fabfive

navy fall finds

Day 55 Paper Bag Rose Wreath YouTube WATCH HERE

paper bag rose wreath

Day 56 Monogrammed Chairs + Dining Room Fall Tablescape WATCH HERE

Day 57 Magnolia Stenciled Canvas Sign WATCH HERE

Winners of DT Tiered Trays

  • Terry Bower
  • Denise Teta
  • Linda Leffel
Reverse Canvas Stencil Sign

Day 58 DT Pizza Pan Mummy WATCH HERE

  • Share Winner Vicki Champion
pizza pan mummy

Day 59 Signature Sunflower Messy Bow WATCH HERE

Links mentioned in this video

Winners of DT Fabric Rolls

  • Tammy Crook
  • Linda Roach Beall
  • Kim Buckland
  • Tonilynn Rayburn
  • Rosa Hardy

Day 60 Buffalo Check DIY Pumpkins WATCH HERE

Day 61 LIVE Craft Sale WATCH HERE

  • Shop for items HERE

Day 62 Navy Blue Glam Pumpkins YouTube Watch HERE

Day 63 Pumpkin Mug Stencil and Candle Pour WATCH HERE

Pumpkin Spice Candle Pour

Day 64 DT Pizza Pan Paint Pour WATCH HERE

Pizza Pan Paint Pour

Day 65 Resin Poured Handles for our Pizza Pan Tray WATCH HERE

Resin pouring

Day 66 Easy Spiker Bow WATCH HERE

Day 67 Dollar Tree Ombre Leaves Candle WATCH HERE

Day 68 Friday Fab Favorites WATCH HERE

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00:00 Introductions

01:11 Mini Pumpkin Waffle Maker (aff link) https://rstyle.me/+9iVVyOuqlL0wErfTKcs8ig

05:38 Buffalo Check Bowl Warmers (aff link) https://rstyle.me/+Fpb22IEfB2LBEbKkqDmPhA

08:06 Surebonder Hot Glue Skillet (aff link) https://rstyle.me/+OqOvYZiNKFgLZXxud9ql0w

10:25 Pioneer Woman Cookbook (aff link) https://rstyle.me/+5DjwucKKou7Q4mjmZnf3UQ

12:34 Acrylic Paint Pour Paints (aff link) https://rstyle.me/+ykFgqhlBDbFsHiJGSrnniQ

❤️ Other Links mentioned:

FREE Buffalo Check Group 👇👇 https://www.southerncrushathome.com/bckform

Pioneer Woman Mercantile Tour 👇👇https://www.southerncrushathome.com/pioneer-woman-mercantile-trip-decor-ideas

Day 69 Dollar Tree Farmhouse Fall Decor WATCH HERE

Day 70 Finishing Paint Pour Pizza Pan WATCH HERE

Day 71 DT Nautical Rope Ghost Part 1 WATCH HERE

DT Nautical Rope Ghost Part 2 WATCH HERE

nautical rope ghost

Day 72 Tom Turkey Platter WATCH HERE

tom turkey platter

Day 73 Doily Ghost DIY WATCH HERE

Doily Ghost

Day 74 Trick or Treat Mug WATCH HERE

trick or treat mug

Day 75 Friday Fab Five Favorites WATCH HERE

Find all my favorites here (aff link) 👇👇https://www.southerncrushathome.com/fabfive

This Week’s FAVORITE FINDS are linked HERE BELOW 👇👇

Day 76 5 Dollar Tree Halloween DIY Crafts WATCH HERE

Day 77 Pumpkin Upcycle DIY WATCH HERE

Day 78 DT Pizza Pan Turkey WATCH HERE

pizza pan turkey

Day 79 Decorative Flour Sack Towels WATCH HERE

Flour Sack Towels PIN

Day 80 DIY Tulle Bow WATCH HERE

tulle bow


Day 82 Friday Fab Five Favorites on Amazon

❤️ Come and see what I found on Amazon this week! Find all my favorites here (aff link) 👇👇https://www.southerncrushathome.com/fabfive

This Week’s FAVORITE FINDS are linked HERE BELOW 👇👇

00:00 Introductions

05:05 Leopard Sleeve Shirt (aff link) https://rstyle.me/+_M6JVYoWba_zfeNaSl_fVw

10:48 OPI Cuticle Oil (aff link) https://rstyle.me/+C-wnfUsXwgWvN439JUzLrw

14:10 Eva NYC Hair Conditioning Mask (aff link) https://rstyle.me/+Q5desbfQYuWsym2A1CL1vg

16:30 Vaseline Minis (aff link) https://rstyle.me/+BZFmsrYLQlM_pF3_wKgr1w

20:14 Duke Cannon Lip Balm (aff link) https://rstyle.me/+LXusgGNhAk8K5cKyGKj0YQ

Day 83 How to Use Acrylic Pouring Paints YouTube WATCH HERE

Day 84 DIY Teacup Candle + Repour WATCH HERE

Day 85 Dollar Tree Pizza Pan Treats for Santa WATCH HERE

Treats for Santa Pizza Pan

Day 86 Adding Resin Top Coat to Pizza Pan WATCH HERE

Day 87 Target Dollar Haul WATCH HERE

Day 88 The Magnolia Difference WATCH HERE

Magnolia Difference

Day 89 Tyler Candle Favorites WATCH HERE

Day 90 How to Make a Snowflake Garland WATCH HERE

Day 91 Microwave Stencil DIY WATCH HERE

Day 92 Sherlock Holmes Grateful, Thankful, Blessed WATCH HERE

Day 93 Thrift Haul WATCH HERE

  • Amazon Gift Card Winner is Lauren Dix
thrift haul

Day 94 Drop Cloth DIY Ribbon WATCH HERE

Drop Cloth Ribbon DIY

Day 95 Gingerbread People Pockets WATCH HERE

  • VIP Group
Candy Cane Gingerbread Couple

Day 96 Friday Amazon Favorites WATCH HERE

Find all my favorites here (aff link) 👇👇https://www.southerncrushathome.com/fabfive

This Week’s FAVORITE FINDS are linked HERE BELOW 👇👇

Day 97 Magnolia Stencil Bow Tutorial WATCH HERE

Shop all the patterns here (aff link)👇👇 https://southerncrush.magnoliadesignco.com

Day 98 Magnolia Craft Club Kit 2 for 1 WATCH HERE

Day 99 November Craft Club Kit WATCH HERE

Day 100 Celebration and Peppermint Pizza Pan WATCH HERE

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