Bumblebee DIY Rustic Stained Coasters

You can have so much fun changing up these simple Bumblebee DIY rustic coasters to fit your everyday decor! They are super easy to create; even with the big mess I made during this project! Stencils are supposed to make your crafts easier, but they seem to make mine a bit more challenging.  Let me show you what I’m talking about…


SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR stained coasters


My first word of warning would be to be sure and wear gloves when you handle the stain.  I did not do this and I paid dearly.  If you do not wish to stain the coasters, painting them a pretty color is always a viable alternative!  Either way, you can achieve a rustic look.  At first, I did not think I would stain the bottoms of the coasters because “no one would see that part” right?  After lots of back and forth with myself, I ultimately decided not to leave the bottoms unfinished and so I went ahead and stained them.  It’s completely up to you!


Second step is stenciling and after many home made remedies for stain removal and lots of hand-scrubbing, working to get all that stain off, I was finally ready for the fun part of this project!  I started to open my stencil which was a pretty French script and it was ruined.  In case you missed my hilarious mishap, here is the facebook live video where it all went down.  Once you have a working stencil or stamp you want to simply apply your chalk paint or paste to the project over your stencil or under your stamp.  It’s fun to mix it up a little and make each coaster a little different from the last.  Perfection is over-rated and has no place in this project.

FINAL STEP IS SEALING the wood coasters

If you are unhappy with any part of your creation thus far, simply wipe it clean with more stain or paint. (Ask me how I know–LOL) If you watched my project video, you already know what I’m talking about.  However; once you are pleased with your project, you are going to want to seal it!  After all, they are coasters and will be getting a lot of wear and tear and use with liquids.  I like to use the Krylon Triple Thick Clear spray to seal my projects.  It takes very light strokes from several inches away from your object.  This is best to be done outside on a pretty day.


>>>Leave your thoughts below in the comments please… BTW— Life is short—Enjoy the mess! I really enjoyed making these DIY rustic coasters and I hope you will, too! They actually compliment my hand-stamped book DIY in the background! My upcycled rustic cross project was another fun one!
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