DIY Birdcage – a Whimsical Craft

I’m always on the hunt for cute ways to add some whimsy to my home decor. This DIY birdcage is one of the best ways I’ve seen yet! Keep reading to learn how you can make a one-of-a-kind statement piece for your home.

diy birdcage craft supplies

supplies needed for THE DIY BIRDCAGE

  • 3-4 wire hangers. Or, simply purchase some heavy wire for the structure.
  • Small shallow basket or small wooden tray (no bigger than 8 inches wide) with jute rope for the base
  • Lace, ribbons, and different colors & prints of scrap fabrics torn into 1 – 1 1/2 inch strips. You will need enough to wrap and cover all the wire.
  • Thin twine or string -24”
  • 4” long piece of twig for perch
  • Bird of your choice
  • Small flowers of choice
  • Paints in the color of your choice. You’ll need 3-4 different shades with brushes for each.
  • Glitter if you are that kind of gal!!
  • Hot glue sticks + hot glue gun

how to make the diy birdcage

complete STEP by STep video tutorial is inside southern crush creative club vip membership here.

This project was crafted by Celebrity Crafter: Kris Hunter`
Celebrity Crafter’s Page: Creating with Kris Hunter

diy birdcage craft final

Where can i find a faux bird

One of the most important components of this craft is to find a birdie or two for their new home! If you are stumped about where to find one, here are a few spots to check:

  • Amazon – you can find anything, including faux birds here!
  • Local craft store – especially in the floral and seasonal decor sections.
  • Christmas ornaments – I’ve seen several cute ones!
  • Etsy 
  • Thrift stores


Once you make this fun project, you’ll be displaying your new “pets” absolutely everywhere! Here are a few spots you can place this birdcage:

  • bookshelves
  • console table
  • fireplace mantle
  • desk
  • picture ledge
  • kitchen counter
  • laundry room
  • bathroom
  • office

Other fun crafts to try:

DIY Birdcage Craft PIN


I especially love this project because it’s just so fun!

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There are so many ways you can make this diy birdcage your own! I can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

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