How to Make a Chicken Wire Sun Catcher + 33 Sun Catcher Ideas

Creating a trendy TikTok inspired DIY chicken wire sun catcher is a beautiful way to add a touch of light and charm to any space. This project is perfect for anyone looking to bring a bit of homemade beauty into their home or garden.

Chicken Wire Sun Catcher PIN

This simple yet stunning DIY project uses simple chicken wire and vibrant embellishments to create a mesmerizing sun catcher. It not only brightens any space but also adds a personal touch of whimsy and color.

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Supply List

For this DIY project you’ll need everything HERE in my Amazon Shop:

  • Chicken wire (approximately 24″ x 24″ piece)
  • Wire cutters
  • Gloves (to protect your hands)
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Assorted beads, crystals, or sea glass
  • Head Pins or Transparent fishing line or thin wire
  • Small jump rings or hooks for hanging

Step by Step Instructions for Making a Trendy Chicken Wire Sun Catcher

Step One: Prepare Your Workspace

Choose a flat, clean surface to work on and lay down some old newspaper or a cloth to catch any mess.

Make sure you have enough space to handle the chicken wire comfortably. Gather all your supplies so everything is within easy reach.

Step Two: Cut the Chicken Wire

Wearing gloves to protect your hands and prevent cuts, use the wire cutters to cut a piece of chicken wire to your desired size.

Cut the chicken wire into your desired shape and size. Circular, square, or even heart shapes work well for sun catchers.

If you’re using a frame, make sure the wire fits within its boundaries.

Step Three: Shape and Secure the Wire

If you’re not using a frame, you might want to shape the chicken wire into your desired form now—whether it’s a circle, square, or another shape.

up close beads on sun catcher
credit: Denise Coit

Use pliers to twist and secure any sharp ends or to create loops for hanging.

Optionally, you can use a picture frame, a vintage window, or purchase an embroidery hoop or blank chicken wire base below.

up close pink sun catcher
credit: Brianna Hayes

Step Four: Attach Decorative Elements

Start attaching your chosen decorations—crystals, beads, sea glass, etc.—to the chicken wire.

Use head pins to thread the beads in different colors. The head pins are optional but keep the bead from falling off the end.

Use jump rings, fishing line or thin wire to secure these items. Use jewelry pliers for tighter, more secure attachments.

Distribute them evenly or in a pattern of your choice.

Be creative with your design, allowing the pattern of light and color to guide your placement.

Step Five: Finalize and Display

Once all decorations are attached, take a step back and review your sun catcher. Adjust any elements as needed.

If you’re using a frame, now is the time add a back side to it if you want a finished look.

Attach Hanging Mechanism: Secure a small ring or hook to the top of your sun catcher. This will be used to hang your finished piece.

Hang your sun catcher in a sunny window or garden spot where it can catch the light and sparkle beautifully.

Perfect for garden enthusiasts, DIY lovers, and anyone looking to add a sparkle of light to their living spaces, this chicken wire sun catcher project is a delightful way to welcome the beauty of the outdoors in.

Creating your own chicken wire sun catcher is not just about making something beautiful; it’s about injecting a bit of joy and light into your daily surroundings.

This DIY project proves that with a little creativity, hard work and some simple materials, you can transform the ordinary into something truly special.

Crafting your own chicken wire sun catcher is not just an act of creativity, but a journey into making something that captures the beauty of light and nature.

More Chicken Wire Sun Catcher Inspiration

Whether hung in your garden, on your porch, or in front of a window, your sun catcher will serve as a constant reminder of what can be achieved with a bit of imagination and the simple pleasure of creating something by hand.

How about a patriotic sun catcher?

Whether it’s dancing in the morning light of your kitchen window or adding a magical touch to your garden, your sun catcher will serve as a bright reminder of the beauty of crafting and the endless possibilities it holds.

Each piece is unique, reflecting not only the beauty of its components but also the creativity and personality of its maker.

More Sun Catchers

I also found some super cute “ready-to-buy” sun catchers for us! These are beautiful!

Here’s another twist on a sun catcher with a wedding theme!

BOHO wedding wreath supplies pin image


  1. Regina Hudson says:

    I made one on a picture frame, but do not know how to finish the back , any ideas ?
    Thank you

  2. Sheila Carbonneau says:

    I’ve got everything to make one, but I didn’t see anything about how to attach the chicken wire to the frame. I believe it might be a metal frame. I also picked up a pressed wood wreath base. There’s no backing. How would I secure the chicken wire??
    Thank you so much!!

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