How to Use Foil Transfer Sheets

Are you ready to get crafty and create some one-of-a-kind decor for your home?? Using Foil Transfer Sheets provides an easy way to add sparkle and shine to your decorative projects.

Metallic Foil transfers are made from a thin layer of non-reactive metallic sheets that are fused to clear cellophane. These shiny foils can be transferred to your surface using an easy to learn technique.

Foil Finish PIN

Uing Metallic Foils to Create a Designer Foil Finish

Use different patterns of metallic foils to create unique and beautiful designer finishes that can be used on any DIY project.

Are you ready to learn a new technique you can apply to your furniture, walls, cabinetry, or any DIY project?

Are you ready to up-level your creative skills?

Supplies Needed to Use Foil Transfer Sheets

How to Use Foil Transfer Sheets

I’m so for you to learn this fabulous technique for a brand new look that you can add to just about any surface!

Step One:

Start with a clean dry surface of your choice and apply a thin layer of the Foil Adhesive using a chip brush.

Allow this to dry to tack or until it is tacky–a minimum of 15 minutes to an hour. You can even let it dry overnight.

Step Two:

Lay the Foil transfer sheet of your choice over the area you applied the adhesive and begin to rub the surface using the burnishing brush or a toothbrush.

Be sure to be thorough and remove all bubbles you can see or feel.

Step Three:

Slowly peel back the foil to reveal the amazing designer foil finish.

At this point, if you see any parts that did not come off of the transfer sheet, quickly lay the foil transfer sheet back down and rub it a bit more for a complete release of the foil.

That’s all there is to it my friend! Easy peasy and oh so pretty! You will love the results!

How to use foil transfers

Examples of Designer Foil Transfer Sheet Finishes


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    Next class you should think about sending a sheet for each paid member ! Just a thought ! Some people learn from hands on experience !l love this foil the colors are gorgeous !

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