7 DIY Ways to Store BBQ Tools

Summertime means longer days and more time outdoors. BBQ grilling is almost always a great way to spend a summer evening. It never fails that when you are ready to grill the bbq tools are missing or are scattered about inside and out.  This list of 7 DIY ideas for storing bbq tools is the answer to the problem…

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what tools are needed for grilling?

Grilling is supposed to be easy and relaxing.  With that being said, minimal tools are needed.  There are tons of bbq tools out there on the market, but you can get by with just a few simple tools that will handle most of your grilling needs.

  • BBQ Tongs for grabbing hot dogs and other small items off of the grill
  • BBQ Fork for stabbing thicker pieces of meat
  • BBQ Spatula for flattening and flipping over hamburgers
  • BBQ Cleaning Tool or brush for cleaning off the grill after use

I found that these are the basics that would be useful for most grilling needs.  You can find them HERE in a convenient set on Amazon. (affiliate link)

Extra Optional BBQ Grill Tools:

how do you store bbq tools?

  1. This was a cute DIY BBQ Grill Tool Sign that I made from a scrap piece of wood, some stain, a few knobs and this cute “Grillin’ & Chillin'” FREE Printable!  Grab your PRINTABLE HERE Grillin & Chillin BBQ Tool Storage Sign DIY
    Grillin & Chillin BBQ Tool Storage Sign DIY Supplies
    Simple Supplies Include Scrap Wood, Mod Podge, Random Knobs, and E6000 Glue.
    Grillin & Chillin BBQ Tool Storage Sign DIY Staining Process
    Easy Process to make your own DIY Grillin & Chillin sign. Stain wood, apply FREE Grillin & Chillin Printable with mod podge and attach knobs with E6000 glue. Add sand & stain to edges for effect. Hang tools with matching bakers twine.


  2. Another fun way to store BBQ Tools is in an old toolbox like this one!Vintage Red Toolbox for BBQ Tools
  3. You can always store your BBQ tools in a fancy grilling apron with tons of pockets like this one!BBQ Tool Apron
  4. Using an old metal rake to hang and store your BBQ tools adds a touch of vintage to your bbq area and I love it!Metal Rake BBQ Tool Storage Idea
  5. A wooden tool caddy makes the perfect storage container for BBQ tools.  Place them on either side and carry it with you out to the grilling area when you’re ready to grill. This is a cute one created by Tiffany at Dream Design DIY.BBQ Tools Wooden Toolbox
  6. A curtain rod and hooks is another clever way to store your BBQ tools.  IKEA makes this one!Ikea Curtain Rod with Hooks for Hanging BBQ Tools
  7. A convenient BBQ tool belt works, too!Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt


how do you clean bbq tools?

There are so many ways to clean your BBQ tools! It’s best to clean them between each use so that they don’t build up yucky grease and food layers. Soak them in warm soapy water.  I do not put mine in the dishwasher even though most are probably dishwasher safe.  

where is the best place to put a bbq grill?

It is definitely best to place your BBQ grill away from any covered areas to avoid an unwanted fire. We keep ours a few feet away from the back patio on a cement slab.  Keep it away from wood and dry grass to avoid any sparks or flames that may ignite a fire.  We keep ours covered from the elements with a handy BBQ grill cover like this one. Just be sure to measure so that the one you pick actually fits your grill.  This is where we place our BBQ Grill outside.BBQ Grill Outside

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