Whimsical Silverware Organizer DIY using Paint Pixie Products

Are you embarrassed about pulling out your messy silverware storage box every time you’re ready to host a dinner party? Well, fear no more because with the help of Paint Pixie products, creating an easy whimsical silverware organizer can be a breeze!

Whimsical Silverware Organizer

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I recently had the honor of interviewing the owner of Paint Pixie! Josi Siefker has such a wonderful story! You can catch the whole interview here below in case you missed it!

Transform an ordinary silverware set into a beautiful and functional organizer with just a few simple steps. This is a view of my silverware storage chest before we transformed it!

before image of silverware organizer

It was so embarrassing from years of use and deferred repairs. It needed a complete overhaul.

before of silverware storage box

I started out by simply cleaning it inside and out with wipes. I trimmed any loose strings and glued down any areas that were torn. Depending on the shape your silverware chest is in, you may not have all of these repairs.

Supplies Needed for this DIY Project:

  • Sandpaper
  • Paint Pixie Brushes
  • Paint Pixie Paints
  • Paint Pixie Wax
  • Stencil of your choice (optional)
  • Wooden Bead Feet (optional)
  • Spouncer (optional)

Step by Step Instructions for Creating a Whimsical Silverware Organizer

Step One

Begin by sanding the silverware set to remove any previous coat of polish or varnish or damaged areas like the corners on mine as seen above.

damaged corner of silverware storage box

I used 150 grit fine sand paper since my piece was so old. I didn’t want to cause it any further damage.

sanding top of silverware chest

Step Two

Then, apply two coats of Paint Pixie Paint, (I used the color sugared glass) allowing it to dry between coats completely. Once the paint has dried, apply a stencil design using Paint Pixie metallic paints (I used the color Blue Diamond) and a good stencil brush (I used the Stipley) to give it a whimsical look as seen below.

As a final coat, I added Paint Pixie clear wax and buffed it with my Buffy petite wax buffer!

stenciled top of whimsical silverware organizer

Step Three

Now, it’s time to embellish the rest of the silverware storage box. I added these whimsical black and white checks using painters tape to mark out the spaces between each color. (I used the Paint Pixie colors, marshmallow and licorice)

finished painted whimsical silverware organizer

Step Four

Next, I used the Paint Pixie 24karat liquid pixie dust metallic paint to highlight the small knob on the front of my silverware organizer as well as the black checks.

up close view of gold knob on silverware organzier

I also highlighted all of the corners of the silverware caddy as seen below.

corner finishes on whimsical silverware organizer

Step Five

Then using a spouncer, I added dots that mimicked the knob to the top trim.

up close knob on whimsical silverware organizer

Step Six

As an added whimsical touch, I chose to attach wood bead feet to the silverware organizer box and then paint them along with the bottom trim in the Paint Pixie 24karat gold color!

side view of feet on whimsical silverware organizer

Step Seven

Finally, I returned the silverware set back to its new and improved home. I just love it!

side view o silverware organized in box

No more embarrassing flatware caddy. This whimsical silverware organizer is cute enough to leave out on display all of the time.

This not only adds a touch of charm to your dinner table, but also makes it easy for guests to grab the utensils they need without having to rummage through an ugly silverware chest.

another view of whimsical silverware organizer opened

With this easy and fun DIY project, your silverware collection will be organized and oh-so-charming. So, channel your inner artist and give this project a try!

Let’s clarify the difference between silverware and flatware. Silverware typically refers to items made of silver, while flatware encompasses any utensils used for eating or serving food.

inside view of updated whimsical silverware organizer

Flatware vs. Silverware What’s the Difference?

DefinitionCutlery made from silver or silver-plated metalCutlery made from any material, including stainless steel, plastic, wood, etc.
MaterialSilver or silver-plated metalAny material, including stainless steel, plastic, wood, etc.
CostMore expensive due to the use of silverLess expensive due to the use of non-precious materials
MaintenanceRequires regular polishing to maintain shineLow maintenance, often dishwasher safe
DurabilityLess durable due to the softer metal and requires more careMore durable and can withstand regular use
TraditionOften associated with formal dining occasionsCan be used for both formal and informal occasions
UsageOften used in high-end restaurants and special occasionsUsed in both casual and formal dining settings
ValueConsidered a valuable and precious itemConsidered an everyday item
AvailabilityLess common and not readily available in many storesWidely available in many stores

Note: While there is some overlap in the use of the terms “silverware” and “flatware,” traditionally “silverware” refers specifically to cutlery made from silver or silver-plated metal, while “flatware” refers to cutlery made from any material.

overhead view of silverware

WM Rogers Silverware History

One brand that is well-known for its exquisite silverware is WM Rogers Bros. Their elegant designs have been gracing dinner tables for over a century.

Founded in the mid-19th century by the master silversmith William Rogers, WM Rogers silverware quickly gained a reputation for its exceptional quality and innovative designs.

wm rogers bros branding on silverware storage box

Working alongside his son, William Henry Rogers, the Wm Rogers Manufacturing Company produced a wide range of silverware, including flatware, hollowware, and serving pieces. Their dedication to quality and craftsmanship led to their becoming one of the largest silverware companies in the world by the turn of the 20th century.

The company continued to evolve with the times, producing silverware that reflected the changing styles and tastes of the era. In the 1930s, the Wm Rogers Manufacturing Company merged with other silverware companies to form the International Silver Company, which continued to produce silverware under the Wm Rogers brand name and others.

Today, vintage WM Rogers silverware is highly sought after by collectors and considered a valuable and treasured item. Do you own any WM Rogers silverware? Let me know in the comments below.

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