Magnolia Design Co: Have You Heard?

Are you a crafter? How about a stenciler? Are you ready to take your crafting game to the next level? Do you want to start a business from home, sell projects in craft fairs or make some beautiful home decor pieces for yourself? You can do all these and more with Magnolia Design Co stencils, chalk pastes, inks, and surfaces. They also have a number of DIY Kits and a monthly Craft Club to help you make beautiful things!

Magnolia Design Co is a direct sales company that sells reusable stencils, chalk pastes, inks, surfaces as well as accessories. Additionally, they started a monthly subscription craft club in October 2021. 

Magnolia Design Co LOGO

Magnolia Stencils

If you’re not familiar with stenciling, it’s a process where you use a template to apply paint, ink, or another medium in a design onto a surface. It’s fabulous for signs, crafts, walls, furniture, fabric, glass… pretty much anything that needs a little decorating! Stenciling is also a great way to personalize any gift you might be giving.

If you’re new to stenciling or even if you’re a pro, Magnolia Design Co has some amazing resources on their website like how-to videos, project ideas, and even a blog full of creative inspiration. See some below!

Magnolia Craft Club

I’m telling you right now that the Magnolia Craft Club was the main reason I joined Magnolia Design Co. If you’re someone who wants the project planned for you or have been hesitant to try reusable stencils or maybe you’re someone who simply wants to up their crafting game. If you want a new way to craft, then this is absolutely the club for YOU!

Every month you’ll receive a different, complete craft kit delivered to your door that includes a new stencil, a trendy fun surface and chalk paste too! You’ll be able to make a craft from start to finish and it’s all laid out for you to make it easy. All of this convenience for only $22.99 plus shipping you can try out the products for three months. After three months you’re free to cancel anytime, but seriously girl, you won’t want to.

Current Magnolia Craft Club Kit

I will be crafting these monthly kits LIVE with you and I know you won’t want to miss out, so grab your Magnolia Craft Club Kit today!

October 2022

Magnolia Design Co Surfaces

And there were surfaces! Magnolia Design Co surfaces go so well with their stencils, but there are so many things you can stencil on. If you’ve followed me any length of time, you know I do a lot of creating with Dollar Tree surfaces and often use stencils to complete the projects!

Thrift stores are my second love and I often go there to find great things to stencil on! From glass etching to metal to wood to plastic to fabric, anything is possible when stenciling with Magnolia Design Co stencils.

Because they offer both chalk paste and ink paste, it makes it super easy for you to be able to create whatever you desire! Look at these ideas below!

Stencil Design Inspiration

Design inspiration for your next creation is just a stencil away!

Magnolia Design Co has inspiration for your next project

  • Geometric Patterns
  • Floral Designs
  • Abstract Designs
  • Nature-Inspired Designs
  • Nautical Designs
  • Holiday-Inspired Designs
  • Graphic Words
  • Art Deco Patterns
  • Modern Designs
  • Traditional Designs
  • Farmhouse Designs
  • Lettering and monograms
  • Popular Sayings

Magnolia Design Co Business Opportunity

I haven’t even mentioned the fabulous, over-the-top business opportunity available for anyone interested in a little side hustle, part-time gig, or yes, even a full-time career! We can do this together!

If you’re ready to get started on your stenciling journey, Magnolia Stencils has your choice of great starter kits that have everything you need to get going. See below!

winter magnolia starter kit

I promise you’ll love these stencils as much as I do. They will change how you craft and the quality of the gifts you give to people! You will wow, your friends and family with these fantabulous stencils!

With Magnolia Design Co stencils you’re on the way to crafty rockstar status! So what are you waiting for? Get started today and let your creativity flow!