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DIY Gnome Ornaments using a Mop Head

I knew the moment I saw the mop head at Dollar Tree that I was going to make a DIY Gnome Ornament with one! All it took was a plastic bulb, a mop head and a whimsical buffalo check sock to make the most inexpensive and super cute Gnome ornament for my Christmas Tree! Look at the steps and see if you will make several for yourself, too!


  • hot glue and glue gun
  • pliers
  • scissors


  • 1 plastic bulb ornament from the Dollar Tree
  • 1 mop head I used microfiber gray and white one from Dollar Tree
  • 1 cute sock of your choice I found this cute buffalo check one at the Dollar Tree
  • 1 Single Holiday Holly pick with berries for nose or you can use wooden beads and paint them
  • optional jingle bell for tassel I used one from the Dollar Tree
  • optional ribbon for bow


  • Remove the black plastic piece from the mop head with a pair of pliers as shown.
  • Cut the mop head in half right down the center.
  • Remove the metal hanger from the plastic ornament.
  • Tuck the mop head strings into the opening of the bulb ornament.
  • Replace the original metal hanger into the ornament.
  • Place sock over the top of the ornament hanger. (optionally you can add a way to hang the ornament at this point by threading it through the sock and the hanger.)
  • Tie on a jingle bell to the tip end of the sock gnome cap.
  • Optionally tie on a bow with your ribbon just above the jingle bell.
  • Cut a single berry off the holiday pick and hot glue it to the mop head just under the sock cap to use as the "nose" for the gnome. (If you don't have a berry, you can substitute with a painted wooden bead.)
  • Trim the gnome's beard or the bottom of the mop head strings making them even if you wish.