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Dollar Tree Christmas Card DIY

Create a fun and unique holiday decor using a Christmas card and photo frames!


  • Dollar Tree Christmas Card
  • 3 miniature photo framses from the Dollar Tree
  • Tissue paper colorful napkin or gift wrapping paper
  • Paint if desired
  • Magnolia Paint Pens if desired
  • Glue gun and hot glue
  • Scissors


  • You can start by removing the "guts" of the photo frame and setting them aside for later. Optionally, you can choose to paint your frame a color that matches your holiday decor or your everyday decor. Allow to dry. If the frames are already the color you love; skip this step.
  • Taking the paint pen markers I added a touch of festive gold color to the inside edging of my photo frames to make them "pop".  Again, if you already love the frame the way it is; skip this step.
  • Next, take your paper of choice and cut to fit inside the frame. I chose to use my favorite MacKenzie-Childs tissue paper in their black and tan pretty check design for a little different look aside from the usual red and green holiday colors.
  • Now you can reassemble your photo frame making sure to include the new paper inside showing through the glass front.
  • Finally take the Christmas card and carefully remove the embellishment trying not to tear or bend it too much in the process. Keep the mounting tape on the back of the design to use with your project. Add a dot of glue if desired to the places that contain the mounting tape and place on the front of the glass on your photo frames.  Display.