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How to Make an Easy Deco Mesh Wreath

If you’ve ever wanted to make a deco mesh wreath then this tutorial for you! Making a wreath has never been this beautiful and easy.
Total Time45 mins
Keyword: deco mesh wreath


  • 2 rolls Deco Mesh
  • 1 Unique in the Creek Board
  • 1 Ribbon of your choice
  • 65 small Zip Ties


  • Using the pre-drilled holes on your board surface, fish your zip tie through and secure loosely as shown, continuing until board is complete.
  • Cut your deco mesh into approx 10" strips.
  • Fold in the opposite corners of your deco mesh and scrunch to the center.
  • Fold piece in half and tuck underneath a zip tie hoop.
  • Tighten zip tie until secure and nip off the excess zip tie.
  • Continue until board is full.
  • Add bow to the last holes of your wreath. 
  • Place sign on board using zip ties.