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Christmas Tree Topper idea final closer up of center
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Christmas Tree Topper Idea

This Christmas tree topper idea is so easy that anyone can make one. See how to create your own tree topper bow in this tutorial.


  • burlap material
  • ribbons
  • zip tie
  • embellishment optional
  • hot glue


  • Cut the burlap and ribbons into approximately 2-4" wide by 12-16" long strips. The length of the ribbons will determine the size of the bow.
  • Starting with a burlap piece, lay the ribbon strips down one by one in a criss-cross pattern varying the ribbons as you go.
  • Taking the zip tie, wiggle it underneath the stack of ribbons until it comes out on the other side and then zip it half way. 
  • Flip the ribbon stack over and bring the zip tie around the the back to zip it tight. Trim the zip tie.
  • Pull each ribbon strip towards the center until you have a pom pom shape for your bow. 
  • Take the stack in your hand like a bouquet and using the scissors, trim to the desired length evening up the strips. 
  • Shake out the bow to release the strings.
  • Glue an embellishment in the center like a piece of vintage jewelry or bling.