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Halloween Cricut DIY Dollar Store plate decor
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How to Make DIY Halloween Dollar Store Plate with a Cricut

Make an easy Halloween decor plate using a Cricut cutting machine.


  • Cricut Cutting Machine


  • 1 Black Dollar Store Plate
  • 1 Removable Vinyl
  • 1 Weeding Tool
  • 1 Transfer Tape
  • 1 Smoothing Tool


  • First, choose the size you want your design to be.
  • Next, you'll need to place your white temporary vinyl onto the standard gripping mat lining it up with the top left corner of the grid just as seen in the design space.
  • Place the mat with the vinyl adhered into the edge of the machine. 
  • Go back to the computer and inside Design Space choose Vinyl as your material to have the Cricut Maker cut for you.
  • Press the arrow keys on your Cricut Maker for the machine to adjust your mat placement and then press the Cricut button once it lights up. 
  • After the Cricut is finished cutting your design, carefully remove your vinyl from the gripping mat and cut out the shape that contains your design.
  • Begin carefully removing the largest portion of your 'negative' space vinyl that is not part of your design. 
  • Carefully remove the additional portions of negative vinyl inside your lettering using your Cricut Weeding Tool.
  • Next, grab your Cricut Transfer paper and cut out a square that covers your design and stick it to the front of your design. 
  • Carefully remove the transfer paper while keeping the vinyl design attached to it by removing it at the same time from the vinyl's paper backing. 
  • Find the center of the plate and place your sticky side down and smooth it over with your Cricut smoothing tool. 
  • Carefully remove the transfer paper to reveal your vinyl design