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Easy Pumpkin Painting With Paint Pouring

Here's how to use the popular paint pouring technique to paint your own pumpkins.
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time10 mins
Drying Time3 hrs
Total Time3 hrs 15 mins
Keyword: diy decor, DIY pumpkin Decor, easy pumpkin painting
Yield: 1 pumpkin
Cost: 10


  • Foil lid or tray
  • Acrylic paint colors


  • 1 styrofoam pumpkin
  • 25 toothpicks


  • Insert toothpicks into bottom of styrofoam pumpkin.
  • Pour the dominant paint choice into the bottom of a disposable cup. 
  • Pour any accent paints in a swirling motion on top of the first paint. 
  • Pick up the pumpkin by the stem and pour the paint over the pumpkin as you turn it around. 
  • Take excess paint from the tray and pour it back into the cup. 
  • Add additional paint a second time for any areas that were missed during the first pour.
  • Leave pumpkin to dry sitting on toothpicks on your tray for several hours.