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Hand Stamped Book with Bling Tassels

Looking for an inexpensive, easy DIY project that can jazz up your space? Try this easy hand stamped book project with pretty bling tassels!


  • Old Paperbacks as many as you want to make, I chose an odd number.
  • Alphabet Stamps
  • Stamping Pad with Gridlines
  • Acid-free Ink Pad (black)
  • Jute Twine
  • Bling Trim


  • Choose what you'd like to stamp on the books—it could be a saying or a last name, etc.
  • Tear off the covers of your books and as much as the spine as possible without ripping the pages apart from each other.
  • Layout your first word on the stamping block. You'll need to do it in reverse order so that it appears correctly once stamped on the books.
  • Ink your stamps, then practice stamping on a sheet of paper. Once you are happy with the design, ink once more and stamp the book using a rocking motion.
  • Tie your books together with ribbons, jute, twine, and bling tassels!