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How to Make a Gift Bow for Christmas

Messy bows are perfectly imperfect and make for a whimsical, personal touch to your Christmas gifts. This tutorial will show you how to make a gift bow 8 different ways including how to create my popular Southern Crush Messy Bow! Most of the supplies are things you may already have at home. The best part is, all of these different fancy bows take less than 10 minutes to finish!


  • scrap fabrics or a variety of ribbons
  • zip tie or pipe cleaner or floral wire
  • scissors
  • optionally one of each of the following: ornaments peppermints, pinecone pick, buttons, fairy lights, faux holly, jingle bells


  • Cut a square piece out of each of the fabric patterns you choose to use for your bow.
  • Cut several 1' wide notches into one end of the fabric square in each pattern.
  • Rip the fabric into strips. Repeat for each of the fabric patterns until there is a nice stack.
  • Lay down a zip tie, pipe cleaner or strip of floral wire and then begin layering the fabric strips back and forth in a circular pattern until all the fabric strips are used.
  • Carefully lift up the stack of fabric and ribbons by the zip tie and begin to secure it leavine a small amount of 'give' in order to twist and flip the stack over for the final tightening of the zip tie.
  • Grab the bundle of fabric and ribbons and form a 'bouquet' shape. Trim the top into a flat surface. This is where the infamous 'mess' of the messy bow project is created.
  • Turn the bow over and give it a good shake to knock of any loose pieces of fabric.
  • Embellish the messy bow if you desire.