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Gift Card Holder DIY (from Upcycled Men's Shirt)

This thrifty DIY starts with an old men's shirt to make the cutest gift card holder! You only need a few inexpensive supplies.
Keyword: christmas, gift card holder, upcycled men's shirt



  • Upcycled Men's Shirt
  • Stitch Witchery
  • Gift Card


  • Use your fabric scissors to cut the cuffs of the men's shirt.
  • Place a gift card in the center of the cuff as a template.
  • Add a bead of hot glue to edge of the cuff and secure.
  • Place stitch witchery along each side of the fabric cuff and fold over.
  • Use an iron for at least 10 seconds to bond the fabric together.
  • Add your gift card to the holder and button the cuff.