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Floral Burlap HOME Canvas

Make a pretty fall floral burlap canvas to add to HOME wall art. It makes for a beautiful statement piece.
Keyword: burlap, Fall, Fall Decor, fall floral canvas



  • Burlap Canvas
  • Fall Flowers
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Lace Ribbon
  • Twine


  • Hot glue lace ribbon around the outer edge of the burlap canvas. 
  • Hot glue fall flowers around the inside of the burlap canvas.
  • Add as many flowers as you like to the canvas gluing them around the canvas. 
  • Make a shoestring bow using a piece of burlap and lace ribbon.
  • Hot glue the bow to the center of the floral design.
  • Hang the canvas with letters to create HOME.