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Halloween Scented Broom Gnome Banner

Let me show you how to make the cutest Halloween gnome banner using scented brooms!
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  • hot glue gun
  • Fabric Scissors


  • Scented Broom
  • Silver Ornament Balls
  • Men's Handkerchiefs
  • Black Felt 
  • White Paint Pen


  • Place the scented broom on top of the handkerchief and cut around it. 
  • Run a bead of hot glue across the edge of the handkerchief and fold it over the broom for the hat.  
  • Make a finished edge by folding about 1/4" in and gluing. 
  • Fold the black felt in half and draw half of a bat with paint pen. 
  • Draw bat eyes with the chalk marker. 
  • Remove the cap from the silver ornament ball. 
  • Add a little bit of hot glue to the ornament and secure it just under the gnome hat.