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DIY Drop Cloth Messy Bow

Learn how to make a super simple drop cloth messy bow that you can use in several different ways.
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  • scissors


  • Drop Cloth
  • Zip Ties
  • Rhinestone Embellishment
  • Craft Cutting Mat


  • Start by cutting the drop cloth into a large square.
  • Make small cuts into the drop cloth at the width you want the bow to be. 
  • Continue to make cuts across the entire end of the drop cloth square. 
  •  Just rip the drop cloth where you started the cut. I used approximately 12-15 strips.
  • Lay the drop cloth pieces in a criss-cross fashion in a circular pattern until all the pieces are used. 
  • Once the drop cloth is laid out, thread a zip tie underneath through the bottom and pull it tight. Trim any excess.
  • Attach a rhinestone embellishment.