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DIY Lace Messy Bow

Make a beautiful DIY lace messy bow with this easy tutorial.


  • hot glue gun
  • Fabric Scissors


  • Assorted Lace
  • Zip Ties
  • Rhinestone Embellishment


  • Start by cutting the ribbon to the size that you want.
  • Cut the strips down the middle so it isn't as wide. 
  • Continue to cut each piece of lace to the same length and width.  
  • Cut about 16-20 strips of lace. 
  • Lay the lace pieces in a criss-cross fashion in a circle until all the pieces are used. 
  • Continue to alternate the type of lace.
  • Once you have all the pieces of lace laid out, thread a zip tie through the bottom and pull the zip tie tight until you have it where you want it. 
  • Use your fabric scissors to give the bow a trim.
  • Once you trim it down, give it a good shake to get all of the mess out of the bow.
  • Spread the bow out and pull all the pieces apart.
  • Add a rhinestone daisy.