Using Hometalk to Explode Your Blog Traffic with Amanda Gerow

amanda gerow
Episode 48: Amanda Gerow

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Okay, we need to have a talk about Hometalk. If you’re a blogger or content creator and you’ve never used Hometalk, you’re majorly missing out. Today I had the privilege of talking to Amanda Gerow, the blogger community manager for Hometalk. Hometalk is the leading online DIY publisher and is an amazing tool for content creators to reach new audiences and grow their blog traffic – we’re talking about the potential for thousands of new visits to your site a month! The best part? It’s totally free! I know firsthand how incredible Hometalk is and I loved chatting with Amanda about Hometalk and its various programs. Whether your goal is to make a bit of extra income with your content or simply to drive more traffic to your site, Hometalk can help!

In this episode, we cover:

  • What is Hometalk and why should you pay attention to it?
  • Hometalk’s various incentive programs with a spotlight on the blogger traffic program
  • How to get started with the blogger traffic program
  • Hometalk’s sister companies, Foodtalk, and Upstyle

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:


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