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Episode 29: Chelly Ontis

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How do you stay organized when there are a million things you need to do for your business and multiple competing priorities? How do you keep yourself accountable? What if I told you there’s a tool that will help you do these things that is made BY a Creative FOR Creatives? Today I’ve invited Chelly Ontis to the show. She is the creator of a product that I use to organize my life and my business; it’s called The Entrepreneurial Planner. This is a printed organizational planner that is specifically designed for entrepreneurs like us with dedicated sections for social media, accounting, statistics, and more.

Chelly Ontis is a graphic designer and the author of the blog We Can Make That. Finding it hard to balance her day job and her side hustle schedule and disappointed in the limitations of the products that were on the market, she made her own planner to stay organized. Other Creatives caught wind of it and you know how that story goes… by 2018, Chelly was publishing and selling out of the Entrepreneurial Planner. In this episode, Chelly gives us a verbal walkthrough of the planner and speaks about the success stories it’s users have experienced.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Key features included in The Entrepreneurial Planner
  • How Chelly’s product can help your business
  • Available support and guides for using the organizer
  • How the planner can assist with mindset and decision making

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