Naming your Business to Attract a Six Figure Following with Rachel Miller

Naming your Business to Attract a Six Figure Following with Rachel Miller


Are you trying to decide on the right name for your business? My guest in today’s episode is a mentor of mine, Rachel Miller. Rachel is an expert for all things Facebook, and one of her amazing gifts is building audiences. But, it all starts with a business and naming that business.

Rachel Miller is a busy momma, loves people and has been building pages for over a decade, some into multi-millions in fans. She has used those audiences to promote her book (selling over 100,000 copies), appeared on Good Morning America to discuss her viral video, has spoken to crowds in the thousands, and has built multiple websites each six-figure+ earning… but what she loves the most is seeing others do the same thing.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The importance of a business name and why it should resemble a bumper sticker
  • When it’s a good time to add your own name to your business name
  • What to consider when naming your business and how to use Google Trends
  • and, the best way to niche your business and avoid going “too small”



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