How to Grow Using Evergreen Content on YouTube with Lori Jacobs

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Are you looking to grow your following on YouTube? Do you want to make money doing it? My guest today, Lori Jacobs, was able to leave her full time job for her YouTube crafting channel within two years of posting her first video! Lori shares some great advice with us about how to be successful on YouTube and how she makes sure that she’s reaching the right audience. She also talks how to monetize your YouTube channel and why doing the work you love is so important.

Lori Jacobs is the creator of the Hard Working Mom channel on YouTube and it’s sister sites on various social media platforms. Lori was a CPA for 25 years and the CFO of a hospital before she decided to make the move to an online career. With children and her parents to take care of, she was looking for more flexibility in her job and she found it on YouTube. Lori now has a career she loves, sharing her crafty creations and business tips with her followers online and she’s making great money while doing it!

In this episode, we cover:

  • What to do when you’re nervous about recording
  • How to make a personal connection with your customers
  • The number of subscribers and watch hours you need to make money on YouTube
  • How easy it is to create evergreen content for your YouTube channel
  • The differences between Facebook and YouTube followers
  • The best time to start your YouTube channel
  • How long it takes to start making money on YouTube
  • Finding Groups on Facebook to share your YouTube content

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