Grow Your Relationships & Business at Haven Conference with Kristin Stockdale

Grow Your Relationships & Business at Haven Conference with Kristin Stockdale

The Haven Conference is a place to celebrate the DIY spirit, learn new skills and build an online business! Entrepreneurs, makers and leading influencers gather together to share, teach, and inspire. Mingle with sponsors, try new products, and grow your brand.

Most importantly, the Haven Conference is a place for community. Haven is more than just classes and hands-on demonstrations. There is time set aside to share knowledge, ask questions, and build relationships. The DIY/ home decor blogging niche is special, and we encourage you to form connections with those in it! You are guaranteed to walk away from Haven refreshed and inspired.

The people at this event are SO supportive and the collaborations and connections you make during this networking event, are huge!

In this episode, we cover:

  • Where the idea for the Haven Conference came from and why YOU will want participate in the next one!
  • How Kristin’s interior design business led her to creating special events
  • What it takes to put on an event that is so powerful and seamless
  • A new concept of having a mentor while attending a live conference
  • The concept “all ships rise up with the tide”
  • Implementing what you’ve learned after attending a live conference
  • Finding groups in your niche that will help support and grow your business
  • and, finding inspiration when things get tough

Links and resources mentioned during this episode:


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  1. Judie Yeager says:

    Enjoyed the podcast!! Inspiration and encouragement was evident. Thank you for this podcast.

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