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How to Make a Dollar Tree Pumpkin Wreath Using Kraft Paper

Looking for a fun and easy DIY project this fall? This dollar tree pumpkin wreath made with kraft paper is the perfect way to get into the autumn spirit!



  • 1 roll of kraft paper that can be found at Dollar Tree
  • 1 wire frame that can also be found at Dollar Tree or Etsy
  • 1 -faux fall leaves mine are from Hobby Lobby
  • -ribbon for a bow optional
  • -leather leaf embellishment from the Dollar Tree optional


  • Start by tearing the kraft paper off of the roll it comes on in long strips. These do not need to be even or perfect! Just have fun!
  • Take each torn kraft paper strip and squeeze it in your hands as you give it a little twist. The idea is to crumple the kraft paper and make it appear rustic and braided.
  • I used approximately sixteen strips of kraft paper.
  • Next, begin gluing each strip down the rib of your Dollar Tree Pumpkin Wire Wreath Form a small section at a time. Twist the kraft paper loosely as you go.
  • Fill in between the rib sections by gluing the kraft paper strips onto the sides of the strips that are in place until the section is completely filled in.
  • Taking a new strip of kraft paper, line the outline of the pumpkin wire wreath frame with a tightly twisted piece. This will help define your pumpkin and make it look more like a pumpkin when completed.
  • Repeat this process with a super tightly twisted piece of kraft paper to outline the stem.
  • Finally, add a few faux leaves to the top area of your new dollar tree pumpkin wreath! I used a variety of brown, navy, and leopard leaves, but the options are endless.
  • Optionally, you can add a pretty bow as I did to mine using some sheer ribbon and a zip tie.