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Dollar Tree St. Patrick's Day Craft

Decorating for St. Patrick's Day doesn't have to be hard; especially, when you add a fun Dollar Tree St. Patrick's Day Craft! At first glance, you'd never guess these grapevine hearts would turn into a shamrock; but with a little imagination, mod podge and green fabric you can turn them into the cutest DIY decor!


  • glue gun
  • paint brush
  • Wire cutters
  • scissors


  • Dollar Tree grapevine hearts if you cannot find them or don't have a Dollar Tree near you, you can find them on Amazon HERE
  • White Dollar Tree Canvas 8"x10"
  • Variety of Green Colored Fabric Scraps
  • Stamps and Ink Pad optional


  • Using scissors cut heart shapes out of the fabric scraps that match the shape of the grapevine hearts (each on varies, so 'eyeball' it the best you can).
  • Hot glue the fabric into place on the canvas into the shape of a four leaf clover.
  • Hot glue the grapevine hearts onto the top of each fabric heart.
  • Using the last heart; take wire cutters and trim in half. Glue to the canvas as the "stem" of the clover.
  • Make a simple dove tail bow for the center of the shamrock and add a piece of bling to the center with hot glue.
  • Add desired wording onto the canvas itself using stamps or stencil or free-hand with a Sharpie.